Saturday, 13 December 2014

Content Producer's top 5 cars this year

There are three more weeks of Fridays left in 2014 so the CAR team is using this opportunity to count down the five best cars that we’ve driven this year. Here is this Content Producer’s list.

No.5 - Hyundai i30

Surprisingly this Hyundai hatchback made it onto my list. The car is smooth and although the others complained about the i30’s steering system I have nothing to complain about the car’s handling, although I have still not quite figure out why I would want to change my steering weight…

No.4 - Audi A6

Throttle it and the car gave me a stomach lurching answer or pile it on a corner at speeds but it still doesn’t feel sluggish. Brilliant car but too bad for the jerky CVT gearbox.

No.3 - Fiesta 1.0-litre EcoBoost

The fiery hatchback that has brilliant handling and one that talks the torque. The EcoBoost inspires confidence and you can’t help but have fun with this little red hatch.

No.2 - Porsche Panamera

Surprise surprise, the Porsche only made it onto second on my list. Well I would have enjoyed this car more if I have the guts to fly, but I’m only just finding my wings.

No.1 - Volkswagen Golf GTI

Other than the fact that it’s a hot-hatch the GTI is really one brilliant piece of machinery.

- Source: Astro Publication

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