Monday, 15 April 2013

How to identify venomous snakes

How do you identify venomous snakes? AntiPest has the answer.

Although snakebites are pretty common inMalaysia, it is extremely important to recognize which snakes are venomous or non venomous so we do not necessarily panic, thinking that we might be paralyzed in an hour or so. The thing is, 17 out of 105 species of land snakes are venomous so we do not have to wring our hair out when we chance upon a snake.

This is how:-

  1. Always study the head shape of the snake you have encountered. If the head is triangular, it is most likely a venomous snake. The head of a non-venomous snake looks pretty much the same like the rest of its body. In short, if the head bulges out, it’s probably venomous.

  2. If you are close enough to see its eyes, most venomous snakes possess vertical eye slits while most non-venomous snakes have round pupils. However, a small number of venomous snakes have round pupils, so just be wary if you see a snake.

King cobra

Banded Krait

Malayan pit viper or Ular Kapak Bodor

Source: Anti Pest