Saturday, 22 December 2012

Horrifying: 3-year old boy dragged 10km to death

What a gruesome and horrifying car accident this family must have gone through.
All because of a stray dog!

I just hate stray dogs!

Boy flung out from car and dragged by vehicle for 10km

A three-year-old boy was dragged almost 10km to his death underneath a passing vehicle after he was flung out of a crashed car driven by his father.

Muhammad Aslam Maricar’s body scraped along the road before it came free from the vehicle near the Sungai Bakap rest area along the North-South Highway.

His body was beyond recognition and police found a bloody trail and tattered clothing stretching along the road. Passing motorists alerted police to the macabre discovery, three hours after the incident. Muhammad Aslam’s family called the police after they searched for him in vain in the vicinity of the crash.

Police have launched a search for the driver who may have been oblivious to the boy being stuck under his vehicle.

The horrific accident took place at 8.45pm on Tuesday when the family of seven was returning home to Penang after a holiday in Bukit Merah, Taiping, at KM168 of the North South Highway near Bandar Baru.

The victim’s father, Said Ibnu Aslam G.M. Ismail, 40, said he had avoided hitting a dog that had dashed across the highway.

Toddler thrown head-first through windscreen

Said Ibnu said he then lost control of his Ford Laser before crashing into the divider. The car spun twice before coming to a halt near a ditch.

Muhammad Aslam’s and his siblings, Zulqarnain Aslam, 14, Sharol Ramadhan Aslam, 12, and Nur Aisyah Aslam, two, were flung out of the vehicle.

The boy, who was seated in the rear seat, was thrown head-first through the windscreen and landed on the right side of the road.

He was then snared by a passing vehicle.

Nur Aisyah is still being treated at Seberang Jaya Hospital for injuries to her hands, face and legs while her brothers, mother Nuris Berutu, 40, and her sister Nurjadi Berutu, 28, received outpatient treatment.

Said Ibnu said the loss of his son in such tragic consequences was heart-wrenching and painful.

"We can’t bear to think how he suffered being dragged along the road like that."