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Road bully: Three suspects remanded for four days

Two of them were suspected by beating a man using a helmet while the other man was recording the incident. - YouTube Photo

KUCHING: Kuching Magistrate's court today issued a four-day remand order against three men suspected of involvement in a bullying incident on Jalan Demak here yesterday.

The order against the three suspects, aged between 21 and 27, was issued by the Registrar of the Kuching Magistrates Court, Bryan Mason.

Earlier, a video recording of two of the suspects hitting the complainant violently went viral after the third suspect uploaded the 56-second video on social networking site Facebook.

Two of them were remanded after they allegedly hit a man using a helmet while the other suspect had allegedly recorded the incident using his mobile phone.

The trio were arrested by police early Tuesday morning at approximately 2am after a house was raided in Kampung Bako, here.

The raid was made after the cops received a report from a complainant alleging that he was beaten after a misunderstanding between them.

According to the investigation officer, Inspector Wan Amir Wan Mohamad, the three suspects will be investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum prison sentence of three years or a fine or whipping, or both upon conviction.

Police convinced more arrests will be made because it was believed there are several more suspects involved.

In the event that happen at 3:30 pm Monday, a 56 second video shows two men beating a man by using a helmet became viral on social media.

The three suspects are expected to be arraigned in the court on Monday.

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2015 Mazda 3 CKD – specs, prices officially revealed - from RM105,000

You would have known by now that the Mazda 3 CKD will launch in April; now let’s take a look at the specs and pricing of the locally-assembled Mazda 3, officially released by distributor Bermaz. 

As previously revealed, the CKD Mazda 3 will come in three variants – a mid-spec sedan, high-spec sedan and a hatchback with equipment levels that are in between the sedan’s mid and high specs, dubbed “mid+” by Bermaz. Indicative on-the-road without insurance prices will start at RM105,000 for the entry-level sedan, rising to RM125,000 for the high-spec sedan. The BM five-door hatchback, available for the first time in Malaysia, will go for RM119,000. 

The CKD mid-spec sedan comes with 16-inch alloys (205/60 tyres), halogen (projector) headlamps, fog lamps, side mirror indicators, fabric seats, manual aircon, i-Stop (stop-start), MZD Connect, ABS/EBD/BA, DSC and six airbags. 

If that’s not what you have in mind, the high-spec sedan should satisfy – it’s specced like the CBU Japan car (18-inch alloy with 215/45 tyres, auto bi-xenons, AFS adaptive headlamps, LED DRLs, LED rear lamps, single-zone auto AC, navigation, steering shift paddles, keyless entry + push start), but with added leather seats, powered driver’s seat, auto wipers, cruise control, auto dimming rear view mirror, head up display (HUD) and reverse camera. 

More extra kit over the CBU come in the form of High Beam Control, Smart City Brake System (autonomous braking from 4 to 30 km/h), Rear Vehicle Monitoring (Mazda’s version of Volvo BLIS) and Lane Departure Warning. What about the kit that you lose? Only two things – i-Eloop (regenerative braking) and sunroof – are missing from the CBU vs high-spec CKD bout. 

The mid+ hatchback gets a mix of equipment. It gets the high-spec sedan’s 18-inch wheels, auto AC, navigation, paddle shifters, auto bi-xenons, LED DRLs and tail lamps, AFS headlamps and keyless + push start. Things like fabric seats and manual wipers are shared with the entry sedan.

- Source: paultan.org

Taxi fares set to increase by up to 40% – report

This week, the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is set to announce a new taxi fare structure, which could see a hike in fares of up to 40%, The Malay Mail reports.

Sources have told the English-language daily that the proposed new rates for Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru metered taxis are as follows:
Flag-down fare: RM3.30 for Klang Valley and Johor Bahru budget taxis (currently RM3), RM4 for Teksi 1Malaysia (currently RM3) and RM4.30 for Penang budget taxis (currently RM4)
25 sen for every 200 metres (40% up from the current 87 sen per km, effectively RM1.25 per km)
25 sen for every 30 seconds (40% up from the current 10 sen per 21 seconds)

As such, ever-increasing urban congestion could see heavy charges for the passenger – for instance, if he/she were to be stuck in a colossal jam in a budget cab that moved only one kilometre in the span of an hour, the meter would at that point clock RM1.25 and RM30.

However, an industry observer told The Malay Mail that the new fare structure could encourage taxi drivers to go into the city instead of circling suburban areas, citing the oft-heard excuse of refusing to drive to certain locations due to heavy traffic.

The daily reports that SPAD may provide a grace period of up to six weeks for taxi drivers and companies to synchronise and calibrate their meters.

According to a source from the Prime Minister’s Department, the new fare structure is the result of a series of in-depth discussions in taxi workshops around the country since July 2013.

“SPAD took into consideration that for the past six years, the cost of living has gone up by around 2.5% each year. Cabbies have had to curb high costs such as escalating maintenance costs between 20% and 25%, fuel expenses by 17%, battery by 30% to 35% and tyres by 25% to 30%,” the source said.

The Malay Mail reports that the new fare structure will also involve taxi services for car rental companies (or kereta sewa), but the details here are yet unknown.

The Centralised Taxi Service System announced in Budget 2014, the daily reports, is a tracking system that can record taxi movements and meter data. The system is currently fitted to nearly 900 Teksi 1Malaysia vehicles in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru, and will be installed in metered cabs in stages.

- Source: paultan.org

Brendan Rodgers: Liverpool can finish second

In-depth: Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has targeted a top-two finish in the Premier League after seeing his side extend their fine run of form with a 1-0 win at Swansea.

Jordan Henderson's 68th minute winner cut the gap on fourth-placed Manchester United to two points ahead of the two clubs' seismic showdown at Anfield on Sunday, but Rodgers revealed he's looking higher than simple Champions League qualification.

For Rodgers feels that Manchester City's shock weekend defeat at Burnley has opened up the battle for second spot with only four points separating City, Arsenal, United and Liverpool with nine games remaining.

"We've put ourselves in a great position," Rodgers said after Liverpool had recorded a fifth straight league win at the Liberty Stadium. "We want to finish as high as we can and everyone talks about fourth, but it's the same every year.

"We'll do the best we can and Manchester City's result at the weekend gives us an opportunity to finish second.

"We've got to use the mentality, run and confidence we've got, take that into every game and see where it takes us."

Liverpool, who saw skipper Steven Gerrard return as a 64th minute substitute after missing seven games with a hamstring problem, had to withstand an excellent Swansea first-half performance which left the visitors chasing shadows at times.

Simon Mignolet had to make smart saves from Bafetimbi Gomis and Gylfi Sigurdsson to keep Swansea out but Liverpool took control after the break, even if Henderson's sixth goal of the season fortunately flew over Lukasz Fabianski as Jordi Amat's clearance stuck him on the shin.

"It was a wonderful demonstration of character and resilience in the team, especially the way we played first half," Rodgers said. "Any system you play doesn't work unless you have the ability to work.

"We just weren't anywhere near it first half but that character and resilience kept us in the game. We knew we were going to be better in the second half.

"We changed the structure of the team and I felt we dominated the game in the second half. In the second half we ran more without the ball and off it as well and shortened the game, and we are a lot better side when we do that and press the ball."

- Source: Eurosport | Mar 17, 2015

Ayah Pengerusi MyWatch kemalangan

JEMPOL- “Mujur ayah sempat mengelak ke kiri jalan. Jika tidak pasti kecederaannya lebih teruk,” kata Pengerusi MyWatch, R Sri Sanjeveen.

Sanjeveen berkata, ketika kejadian bapanya, P Ramakrishnan, 65, dalam perjalanan dari Serting menghala ke rumahnya di Kampung Taman Jaya, di sini.

“Ayah memandu sendirian, manakala abang saya mengekori dari belakang dengan kereta lain.

“Apabila sampai di lokasi sekitar 12.30 tengah hari, tiba-tiba sebuah lori dipercayai membawa muatan pasir meluncur laju ke hadapan yang mana ketika itu kereta ayah berada di hadapan lori tersebut.

“Dalam masa sama, terdapat pula lori lain di hadapan kereta ayah. Kereta ayah berada di tengah-tengah antara dua lori,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian, hari ini.

Sanjeveen berkata, ayahnya cuba mengelak kenderaannya ke kiri jalan namun bahagian belakang tetap kena rempuh.

“Bagaimanapun, ayah sempat mengelak. Akibatnya kereta dipandunya tercampak ke dalam longkang,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, ayahnya mengalami kecederaan dileher dan kepala kerana terhantuk dekat cermin kereta.

“Ayah dirawat di Hospital Jempol namun akan ke Pantai Medical Center, Melaka untuk rawatan lanjut,” katanya yang akan membuat laporan polis berhubung kejadian.

Sinar Harian difahamkan kejadian di kilometer 1 , jalan Bahau- Kemayan itu membabitkan dua buah lori muatan pasir serta tiga buah kereta jenis Proton Iriz, Toyota Vios serta Mercedes dan mangsa mengalami cedera ringan.

Pegawai Operasi Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Bahau PBK II, A Gonaselan berkata, bomba menerima panggilan kecemasan pada jam 12.42 tengah hari bergegas ke lokasi bersama sebuah jentera dan enam anggota.

Ketua Polis Daerah Jempol, Superintendan Hamzah Alias ketika dihubungi mengesahkan kejadian dan punca sebenar kejadian masih dalam siasatan.

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Switch to LED lamps, save 90% of energy...

Ok, 90% may look a lot and you thought that 'it's too good to be true'.

While you can't be blamed for thinking it's a total bull*, there is truth to it. A 100W incandescent lamp can be replaced by a 20W compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) of an equal luminosity. Today's technology can offer a LED lamp equivalent of 10W to 12W power consumption.

So, comparing to incandescent lamps, switching to LED saves you about 88% to 90%.

However, most of us are no longer using 'traditional' incandescence lamps nowadays, hence, that 90% efficiency claim is not attractive to us anymore. The reference now for efficiency gain is the CFL, which is a big improvement from the energy guzzling filament lamps. Still, LED is the way forward.

In 2012 the Ministry of Green Technology and Water announced that to government is phasing out traditional light bulbs (incandescent bulbs), which would eventually lead to a complete ban in 2014.

I don't know if everyone has thrown theirs in favour of LED lamps yet but for me the announcement was a 'hasty' one.

Should we change to LED light bulbs now?

Ideally yes. But there is issue with this type of lighting, apart from the PF issue (though it may not be anymore), the manufacturing of LED lamps is highly unregulated unlike the conventional ones. The LED component itself may last 10 years, perhaps 15 or 20 years, but the driver unit's lifespan varies and is significantly shorter.

Due to the unregulated (not standard) construction of drivers, one that's fabricated by Osram for instance, would not fit one that's fabricated by Phillips.

What this means is that, you end up buying the whole set of lamp instead of just replacing the faulty parts - which is an expensive exercise. You will then be stuck with one brand, without having the flexibility of switching between Philips, GE, Panasonocs, Osram, etc. Moreover, LED lamps are still very expensive and you don't want to replace them after just 2 to 3 years due to faulty drivers.

Doesn't this remind you of the convenience - you currently enjoy - of replacing your 36W fluorescent tube with a brand of your choice?

'Tak sempat tengok album kahwin'

Yusri dan Ira ketika melangsungkan perkahwinan pada Disember 2013 lalu. Cucu Hasmah, Syamimi yang turut maut sembilan jam selepas kemalangan berlaku.

KUALA TERENGGANU – Pasangan suami isteri, Tan Poh Chin atau Ahmad Yusri Syamil Tan Abdullah, 31 dan Noor Hasnira Embong, 30 yang maut di tempat kejadian apabila kereta mereka terbabas di Kilometer 210.6 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) menghala ke Kuala Lumpur dekat Gambang, petang kelmarin dalam perjalanan pulang setelah menghantar ibu Hasnira di Kampung Belukar Jambu pada hari yang sama.

Ibu mangsa, Hasmah Muda, 64, berkata, anak bersama menantu serta cucunya, Noor Syamimi Tan, sebulan, yang turut maut lebih kurang sembilan jam selepas kejadian, bergegas pulang semula ke Kuantan selepas menghantarnya di Kampung Belukar Jambu, di sini.

“Pada malam sebelum kejadian, Ira (Hasnira) nak hantar makcik balik sebab Yusri (menantu) tidak sempat hantar makcik minggu depan seperti yang dirancang, sebab itu dia mahu hantar juga malam itu (malam kelmarin) dan kami bertolak dari Kuantan jam 1 pagi.

“Sampai sahaja di rumah (Kampung Belukar Jambu) kira-kira 6 pagi, makcik ajak mereka singgah dahulu tetapi katanya hendak balik cepat.

"Sepanjang perjalanan pulang itupun Ira tidak banyak cakap, sedangkan dia seorang yang ceria, tetapi makcik tidak fikir apa-apa sebab mungkin dia penat,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian ketika ditemui di kediamannya, pagi semalam.

Hasmah yang masih lagi terkejut dengan kejadian yang menimpa anak, menantu serta cucunya itu agak terkilan kerana Ira dan Yusri tidak sempat melihat gambar perkahwinan mereka yang baharu dihantar Sabtu lalu.

“Mereka tak sempat tengok gambar perkahwinan yang baru dihantar Sabtu lalu, sebelum ini dia hendak ambil (album) tetapi selalu tidak ada masa, bila sudah pos ke sini, dia pula tidak sempat tengok.

“Hanya gambar inilah yang akan menjadi kenangan untuk kami, makcik reda dengan kehilangan mereka sekeluarga walaupun terasa sedih kerana masih belum puas bermain dengan cucu (Syamimi),” katanya.

Tiga beranak itu dikebumikan dalam satu liang lahad di Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kampung Laut lebih kurang jam 9.30 pagi semalam.

Sebelum ini, akhbar sama melaporkan Ira dan Yusri maut di tempat kejadian manakala Syamimi yang dipercayai tercampak daripada pangkuan ibunya cedera parah dan dihantar ke Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan namun disahkan meninggal dunia kira-kira jam 11 malam hari sama.

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Nurul Izzah bebas tanpa reman

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail 

SHAH ALAM - Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar dibebaskan dengan jaminan polis, tengah hari tadi.

Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail berkata, melalui akaun Twitternya, Alhamdulillah Nurul Izzah dibebaskan atas jaminan polis.

“Terima kasih kepada sokongan dan doa semua. Terus berjuang,” katanya.

Sebelum ini, Pengarah Komunikasi PKR, Fahmi Fadzil memberitahu, polis memaklumkan peguam Nurul Izzah mengatakan mereka tidak akan menahan reman Nurul Izzah.

Semalam, Nurul Izzah ditahan bawah Akta Hasutan susulan laporan polis oleh bekas Ahli Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu, Datuk Zulkifli Noordin 12 Mac lalu ekoran ucapannya yang mengecam hakim di Parlimen berhubung keputusan kes membabitkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

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Jurutera mana kata Myvi, Alza bahaya?

  • Jurutera mana kata Myvi, Alza bahaya?
  • Dakwaan bahawa Perodua Myvi dan Alza tidak selamat menjadi viral di media sosial sejak beberapa hari lalu.

SHAH ALAM - Pengeluar kereta nasional, Perodua menafikan dakwaan seorang blogger bahawa kereta model Myvi dan Alza keluaran syarikat itu tidak selamat kepada pengguna.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Perodua, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh berkata, tuduhan blogger menggunakan nama Wolf Vaupel bahawa penggunaan panel meter yang menyala sendiri di dalam Myvi dan Alza boleh membawa maut adalah tidak berasas.

"Menurut logik yang digunakan Vaupel, panel meter itu mengelirukan pengguna yang menyangka lampu hadapan mereka sudah menyala. Kami ingin menjelaskan bahawa berdasarkan pertanyaan yang dibuat kepada pihak berkuasa dan syarikat insurans, tiada sebarang kaitan antara panel meter boleh nyala sendiri itu dengan pelanggaran di jalan raya pada waktu malam," katanya dalam kenyataan, semalam.

Dalam artikel di blognya bertarikh 10 Mac 2015, Vaupel yang dikatakan jurutera dari Jerman juga mendakwa ciri-ciri panel meter boleh menyala sendiri itu bercanggah dengan peraturan antarabangsa.

"Tetapi (Vaupel) gagal memberikan sebarang bukti terhadap kenyataannya itu. Tambahan pula, panel jenis itu turut digunakan dalam jenama kereta antarabangsa lain. Kami hairan mengapa serangan Vaupel hanya ditujukan kepada Perodua.

"Kami juga ingin sahkan kami telah membalas pertanyaan awal Vaupel mengenai perkara tersebut," kata Aminar Rashid.

Vaupel dalam tulisannya yang menjadi viral di media sosial sejak beberapa hari lalu, mendakwa melihat antara satu hingga lima kereta Perodua yang dipandu pada waktu malam tanpa menyalakan lampu hadapan, meningkatkan risiko kemalangan.

Dia turut mendakwa pengurusan Perodua, beberapa institusi lain bagi keselamatan jalan raya dan syarikat insurans 'tidak berani' membalas pertanyaannya berhubung perkara itu.

Sementara itu, Aminar Rashid berkata, Perodua memberi jaminan kepada pelanggan bahawa produk dan perkhidmatan syarikat itu ditawarkan dengan mengutamakan aspek keselamatan yang mematuhi secara tegas standard keselamatan dalam negara seperti ditetapkan Kerajaan Malaysia melalui kementerian dan pelbagai agensinya.

Malah katanya, generasi pertama Myvi yang dikeluarkan antara 2005 hingga 2011 menerima sijil Euro 4 kerana Perodua mengeksport kenderaan keluarannya ke United Kingdom sebelum ini.

"Sejak itu, kami telah mempertingkatkan lagi ciri-ciri keselamatan untuk pelanggan kami.

"Sebagai organisasi bertanggungjawab, kami mengalu-alukan pelanggan kami berkongsi pandangan dan rungutan mereka dengan kami, tetapi kami tidak akan bertolak ansur terhadap tuduhan tidak berasas dan akan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya untuk melindungi hak kami," tegasnya.

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Putin makes first public appearance since March 5

Putin's disappearing act came amid a series of challenges facing the Kremlin, including further blows to the oil-dependent economy and furor from political opponents after the slaying of a main Putin critic, Boris Nemtsov, late last month.

MOSCOW: More than 10 days after President Vladimir Putin dropped from public sight without an explanation, he reappeared on Monday relaxed, smiling and joking -- although perhaps with a touch of the sniffles.

His long absence from public view spurred furious speculation in Russia that he had suffered acute health issues or that there had been a serious bout of Kremlin infighting. There were rumors that a girlfriend had secretly delivered a baby. Some longtime Kremlinologists even posited there had been a coup.

The intense guesswork, however, carried at least one clear message: how deeply Russia now depends on the whims of a single man.

In the absence of any real institutions or alternative structures of authority, power has centralized around Putin more than any leader since the era of Joseph Stalin's iron-grip rule. Other Soviet leaders were accountable to the Communist Party. One of them, Nikita Khrushchev, was even removed.

"It would be boring without gossip," Putin, 62, told reporters outside St. Petersburg in his first public event since March 5. He met Almazbek Atambayev, the president of Kyrgyzstan, in the Constantine Palace just outside the city.

In comments apparently encouraged by the Kremlin, Atambayev gave a personal appraisal of Putin's health, telling reporters, "Vladimir Vladimirovich showed me around, drove around, he himself was at the wheel -- so that there will be less gossip."

A rosy-faced Putin smiled broadly, stroked his nose, then laughed. But he made no further public comments about his health before reporters were ushered from the room where the two leaders were sitting in gilded armchairs. Putin appeared to wince briefly as he sat down in his chair after strolling in with his Kyrgyzstani counterpart.

The appearance lasted a little over two minutes.

Neither Putin nor the Kremlin offered any details about why he missed a series of meetings and postponed one state visit during the period.

On Thursday, Putin's spokesman announced that the president would not attend a meeting with the Federal Security Service, which he usually attends. Putin also postponed a trip to Kazakhstan at the last minute; it has been rescheduled for later this week.

The spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, on Monday mocked the rumor mill that had preoccupied many in Russia's elite in recent days.

"Have you seen the paralyzed president who was captured by the generals? He has just come back from Switzerland, where he attended the delivery" of the baby, Peskov told journalists.

There still has been no official comment from the Kremlin on why Putin was out of the public eye -- nor any acknowledgment that anything was out of the ordinary. It was a rare absence for a leader who has built a reputation for hands-on leadership and personal vigor.

Putin's predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, sometimes dropped out of view, incapacitated by health issues or alcohol. Elderly Soviet leaders in the 1980s dropped dead, three in quick succession. But during those eras there were stronger structures to ensure stability if the top person was out of the picture.

The former KGB officer has no obvious political heir. Nor is it entirely clear who would be in charge of Russia's stockpile of nuclear weapons during times in which the leader is incapacitated.

Putin has long stoked the argument that only he can hold together his vast nation. Some analysts speculated that his absence was a deliberate attempt to unnerve even those who disagree with him. Other Kremlin critics said that the absence of alternatives to Putin was actually itself a source of instability.

Putin on Monday ordered snap military exercises that sent nearly 40,000 Russian military personnel into a state of full alert in the Arctic and in Russia's western regions. It was an especially large-scale operation after a year in which security forces have frequently been ordered into combat exercises.

Russia's neighbors have complained that such efforts are deeply threatening, particularly in the area that borders Ukraine. Moscow has countered that NATO exercises in the Baltics endanger Russia's own security interests.

Putin's disappearing act came amid a series of challenges facing the Kremlin, including further blows to the oil-dependent economy and furor from political opponents after the slaying of a main Putin critic, Boris Nemtsov, late last month. Russian authorities claim Nemtsov was killed by Islamists from Chechnya, but Nemtsov's backers have dismissed the arrests as a potential coverup.

Putin was last seen in public when he hosted Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The Kremlin said the president had other official meetings in the following days, but Russian news outlets reported that the meetings may have taken place earlier than claimed by the Kremlin.

There has been previous speculation about Putin's health. In 2012, rumors erupted after he was absent from public life for several days. No explanations were given at the time, although the absence was widely attributed to back problems.

- Source: The Washington Post

Prince Harry to quit British army after 10 years

Harry, who will be pushed down to fifth in line to the throne by his brother Prince William's second child, due in April, will end his military service after a four-week secondment to the Australian Defence Force in April and May.

LONDON: Prince Harry announced Tuesday he is to leave the British army after 10 years' service that has seen him twice fight on the front line in Afghanistan.

The 30-year-old said it had been a "really tough decision" to end his military service in June, but added that he was looking forward to the next chapter in his life.

His decision will come as a surprise to many royal-watchers as the prince was living out his boyhood dream and seemed quite content with the army life.

Harry, who will be pushed down to fifth in line to the throne by his brother Prince William's second child, due in April, will end his military service after a four-week secondment to the Australian Defence Force in April and May.

"I am considering the options for the future and I am really excited about the possibilities," he said, in a statement released by his Kensington Palace official residence.

After his time with the Australian military, the prince will undertake an official tour of New Zealand, and then spend time doing voluntary conservation work in sub-Saharan Africa.

Before the end of the year, he will begin volunteering with the British Ministry of Defence's recovery programme supporting the rehabilitation of wounded, injured or sick service personnel, a subject close to his heart.

However, he is keeping his long-term options open, though he will continue to carry out royal duties on behalf of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry graduated from the elite Sandhurst military academy and served twice in Afghanistan, once on the ground and once flying attack helicopters.

A captain commissioned in the Household Cavalry, he currently has a desk job organising commemorative army events in London.

"After a decade of service, moving on from the army has been a really tough decision," he said.

"I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the chance to do some very challenging jobs and have met many fantastic people in the process.

"From learning the hard way to stay onside with my colour sergeant at Sandhurst, to the incredible people I served with during two tours in Afghanistan -- the experiences I have had over the last 10 years will stay with me for the rest of my life. For that I will always be hugely grateful."

- - Source: AFP 

French experts reaffirm conclusion that Arafat was not poisoned

Arafat died aged 75 on November 11, 2004 at the Percy de Clamart hospital, close to Paris.

NANTERRE: French experts reexamining evidence have confirmed their earlier conclusion that the 2004 death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was not the result of poisoning, a prosecutor told AFP Monday.

The prosecutor for the western Paris suburb of Nanterre said the experts found there was no foul play in Arafat's death, which sparked immediate and enduring conspiracy rumours.

A centre in the Swiss city of Lausanne had tested biological samples taken from Arafat's personal belongings given to his widow after his death, and found "abnormal levels of polonium" -- an extremely radioactive toxin, but stopped short of saying that he had been poisoned by polonium.

French experts "maintain that the polonium-210 and lead-210 found in Arafat's grave and in the samples are of an environmental nature," Nanterre prosecutor Catherine Denis said.

The reevaluation of earlier data "disproves the hypothesis of an acute ingestion of polonium-210 in the days preceeding the appearance of symptoms," she said.

This confirmed French findings from 2013, which also matched those of a Russian team. However, a Swiss probe has said that the poisoning theory is "more consistent" with its test results.

Arafat died aged 75 on November 11, 2004 at the Percy de Clamart hospital, close to Paris. He had been admitted there at the end of October that year after developing stomach pains while at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah, where he had lived since December 2001, surrounded by the Israeli army.

Arafat's widow Suha lodged a complaint at a court in Nanterre in 2012, claiming that her husband was assassinated, sparking an inquiry.

The same year, Arafat's tomb in Ramallah was opened for a few hours allowing three teams of French, Swiss and Russian investigators to collect around 60 samples.

Many Palestinians believe that the Israelis poisoned Arafat with the complicity of some people in his entourage.

Polonium-210 became famous in 2006 when a fugitive Russian intelligence officer turned opponent of President Vladimir Putin, Alexander Litvinenko, was killed in London by a strong dose of the hard-to-get radioactive isotope. Two Russian agents were the chief suspects for British police, but Moscow refused their extradition.

- Source: AFP

'Cinderella' fits into top US box office spot

Disney's new live action version of "Cinderella" starring Lily James claimed the top spot at the worldwide box office.
The live action remake of animated-classic "Cinderella" had a nice fit in North American movie theatres, topping the list of estimated weekend ticket sales.

The Disney movie, featuring Lily James as enchanted princess Ella and Cate Blanchett as her cruel stepmother, took in $70 million.

Part of the draw for the critically well-received film was an animated short "Frozen Fever" that was shown with the film, a five minute add-on to another Disney princess smash-hit "Frozen."

Action flick "Run the Night," featuring grizzled tough-guy Liam Neeson playing a hit man going up against the mob to protect a son, took second on the charts hauling in an estimated $11 million in its debut weekend.

British spy comedy "Kingsman: The Secret Service," dropped in sales but moved up a spot in its fourth week in theatres taking in $6.2 million for the third box office spot.

"Focus," a con-artist flick featuring Will Smith as a crook who takes on a protege played by Margot Robbie had just over 5.8 million in estimated ticket sales for the fourth spot on the chart.

Artificial intelligence thriller "Chappie" had a long fall from its top-spot debut last week, taking in $5.8 million for fourth place despite a $13.3 million showing last week.

Sequel "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" featuring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Richard Gere, pulled in $5.7 million for the sixth spot.

"The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water," remained a presence on the box office charts, taking in $4.1 million in ticket sales in its fifth week on the charts for a total of $154.7 million.

Kevin Costner sport drama "McFarland, USA" the story of a small-town cross country team made up of immigrant students was eighth on the charts with $3.7 million in estimated sales.

Long-running hit "American Sniper" charged back into the top 10 box office films taking in $2.9 million in its eleventh week in theatres. This weekend's haul added more sales to the biggest hit of 2014, taking in $341.5 million overall.

"The Lazarus Effect," about medical students who discover a way to bring people back to life took the tenth spot with $2.82 million in sales.

Global box office for the weekend ending March 15:

1. Cinderella: $132.4M
2. Kingsman: The Secret Service: $19.9M
3. Chappie: $19.3M
4. Diversion: $13.3M
5. Night Run: $17.6M
6. Big Hero 6: $17.2M
7. Fifty Shades of Grey: $11.9M
8. American Sniper: $10.3M
9. Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: $9.8M
10. Jupiter Ascending: $9.2M


Perodua jawab dakwaan blogger ia tidak tepati piawaian

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Perodua Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh berkata semua produk dan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan syarikat mengutamakan keselamatan.

KUALA LUMPUR: Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) mematuhi sepenuhnya piawaian keselamatan domestik yang ditetapkan oleh kerajaan Malaysia menerusi kementerian dan pelbagai agensi berkaitan.

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, Presiden dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Perodua Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh berkata semua produk dan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan syarikat mengutamakan keselamatan.

Aminar berkata demikian sebagai menjawab dakwaan seorang blogger yang menggunakan nama Wolf Vaupel bahawa model Perodua Myvi dan Alza berisiko tinggi kepada pelanggan.

Vaupel dalam paparan bertarikh 10 Mac 2015 mendakwa kluster instrumen swanyala yang ada pada kedua-dua model tersebut adalah 'sangat berbahaya'.

Menurut blogger itu, panel instrumen swanyala tersebut boleh mengelirukan pemandu untuk beranggapan bahawa lampu besar kenderaannya dalam keadaan menyala.

"Kami ingin menjelaskan bahawa berdasarkan pertanyaan yang dibuat kepada pihak berkuasa dan juga syarikat insurans, tiada kaitan antara kluster instrumen swanyala dengan kemalangan jalan raya pada waktu malam," kata Aminar.

Beliau juga berkata ciri kluster instrumen swanyala itu turut terdapat pada kenderaan jenama antarabangsa lain.

Aminar berkata syarikat juga hairan dengan 'serangan' Vaupel yang hanya ditujukan kepada Perodua.

"Hakikatnya, generasi pertama Myvi iaitu bagi tempoh 2005-2011 mendapat pensijilan Euro 4 memandangkan Perodua dieksport ke UK sebelum ini. Sejak itu juga kami melakukan penambahbaikan terhadap ciri-ciri keselamatan untuk pelanggan kami," katanya. 

- Sumber: Bernama

Lima warga Malaysia maut selepas terhidu gas bocor di China

Menurut Persatuan Perniagaan Kecil Johor Bahru, presidennya Chin Yoke Weng (dalam bulatan) adalah antara yang meninggal dunia. Foto The Rakyat Post

KUALA LUMPUR: Lima warga Malaysia maut dipercayai akibat terhidu gas yang bocor dari pemanas air di pangsapuri mereka di Nanning, China hari ini, lapor The Rakyat Post.

Bagaimanapun mangsa keenam daripada kumpulan ahli perniagaan tersebut dilaporkan terselamat.

Menurut satu kenyataan dari Persatuan Perniagaan Kecil Johor Bahru, presidennya Chin Yoke Weng adalah antara yang meninggal dunia.

Anak-anak mendiang dilaporkan akan pergi ke Nanning untuk menuntut mayat ayah mereka.

Kenyataan yang dikeluarkan Setiausaha-Agung persatuan itu, Khoo Beng Ching, memaklumkan bahawa Ching telah pergi Nanning untuk mencari peluang perniagaan.

Kesemua ahli-ahli perniagaan itu pergi ke Nanning semalam, namun identiti individu yang selebihnya masih belum dikenal pasti.

Mangsa yang terselamat itu, seorang wanita, kini dilaporkan dalam keadaan kritikal. Manakala lima yang maut itu merupakan lelaki.

Kelima-lima mereka menunggal semasa tidur dan difahamkan bahawa kesemuanya berasal dari Johor Bahru. 

- Sumber: Astro Awani 

Isu jet: JPM jawab dakwaan Rafizi

KUALA LUMPUR - Jabatan Perdana Menteri hari ini menjelaskan bahawa pesawat eksekutif Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ320) dibeli untuk menggantikan Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) yang telah berusia 16 tahun.

JPM dalam satu kenyataan di sini berkata, kerajaan memperoleh ACJ320 melalui kontrak pembelian sewa beli untuk tempoh 15 tahun.

Pesawat BBJ itu akan dilupuskan bagi membiayai pembelian ACJ320.

Kenyataan itu bagi menjawab tuduhan Setiausaha Agung PKR, Rafizi Ramli di Parlimen hari ini bahawa ACJ320 itu untuk kegunaan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Menurut JPM, pesawat BBJ telah digunakan oleh MAS sejak 1999 sebelum kerajaan memperolehnya pada tahun 2003 untuk kegunaan Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

"Perbincangan untuk menggantikan BBJ telah dimulakan dua tahun lepas memandangkan kos penyelenggaraan kapal terbang itu semakin meningkat berikutan faktor usia dan risiko keselamatan.

"Perolehan pesawat ACJ320 dalam fleet pesawat eksekutif kerajaan dapat mengurangkan kos operasi, pengurusan dan penyelenggaraan memandangkan kerajaan sudah mempunyai pesawat ACJ319," menurut kenyataan itu.

Menurut JPM, selain ACJ319 dan ACJ320, fleet pesawat eksekutif kerajaan termasuk kapal terbang yang lebih kecil iaitu pesawat Falcon yang diperolehi pada 1989 dan Global Express 2001, kata JPM. - Bernama

Isu jet peribadi: Kerajaan jangan duduk diam - KJ

Khairy Jamaluddin

SHAH ALAM - Khabar angin mengenai tindakan kerajaan membeli sebuah jet peribadi baharu perlu dihentikan jika tidak mahu perkara itu dianggap benar, tegas Ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Namun katanya, jika ia berlaku, maka penjelasan mengenainya perlu dilakukan segera.

Menulis di laman mikro Twitternya, Khairy berkata, "If new government jet claim untrue, dispel quickly before fiction passes itself as fact. If true, explanation needed ASAP" (Jika khabar angin tersebut tidak benar, hentikan (sebaran) tersebut sebelum ia menjadi fakta. Jika ianya benar, penjelasan diperlukan segera)."

Terdahulu, Naib Presiden PKR, Rafizi Ramli dalam satu sidang media di lobi Parlimen hari ini mendedahkan satu surat perjanjian mengesahkan pembelian jet baharu ini yang bertarikh 1 Disember 2014.

Rafizi turut mendesak Perdana Menteri membatalkan pembelian jet tersebut dan memohon maaf kepada rakyat.

"Ini bukti bahawa pentadbiran beliau (Najib) terus-menerus bergelumang dengan pemborosan dan pembaziran.

"Tindakannya jelas membuktikan dia membelakangkan kepentingan rakyat. Oleh itu Najib harus memohon maaf," tegasnya lagi.

- Sumber: Sinar Harian 

Tindakan letak jawatan adalah 'luar biasa'

  • Khalid Samad
  • Khalid Samad

KUALA LUMPUR - Tindakan 17 anggota jawatankuasa Pas Kawasan (Bahagian) Batu yang meletak jawatan secara tiba-tiba hari ini disifatkan sebagai 'tindakan luar biasa'.

Anggota Jawatankuasa Pas Pusat, Khalid Samad berkata mereka seharusnya mengadakan perbincangan dalam mesyuarat agung tahunan kawasan jika mempunyai sebarang pandangan, selain mengemukakan calon baharu atau mengekalkan presiden sekarang.

"Jangan bertindak di luar peruntukan perlembagaan. Kalau bertindak sebegini dah dikira luar daripada kebiasaan", katanya kepada pemberita.

Kesemua 17 anggota Pas Kawasan Batu diketuai Yang Dipertuanya Ishak Surin, meletak jawatan atas alasan tidak lagi sehaluan dengan kepimpinan pusat parti.

Antara yang turut meletak jawatan serta-merta ialah Timbalan Yang Dipertua Datuk Shuhaimi Ab Rahaman, Naib Yang Dipertua Datuk Tarmizi Mohd Jam, Setiausaha Kawasan Datuk Ismail Yahaya dan Ketua Penerangan kawasan Marzuki Zakaria.

Exco Dewan Pemuda Pas Ahmad Marzuk Shaary pula menyifatkan tindakan mengejutkan itu sebagai gerakan tidak sihat kepada parti yang mementingkan kesepakatan dan perpaduan.

"Kalau marahkan nyamuk jangan bakar kelambu. Sepatutnya bincang dahulu, tapi apa yang berlaku mereka ni awal-awal lagi dah berundur dan mengalah," katanya.

Beliau bagaimanapun yakin perkara itu hanya soal terpencil dan tidak akan mendatangkan masalah serius kepada parti.

Seperti Khalid, Ahmad Marzuk juga bersetuju supaya kesemua anggota terlibat berbincang untuk menyelesaikan apa jua pertikaian dan masalah yang timbul. 

- Sumber: Bernama

Mangsa sempat hubungi isteri

  • Mangsa sempat hubungi isteri
  • Mayat mangsa diusung masuk kenderaan polis untuk dibawa ke hospital.

NILAI - Seorang lelaki sempat menghubungi isterinya memberitahu dia mahu berhenti rehat seketika kerana sakit kepala, sebelum ditemui tidak sedarkan diri dalam kenderaan pacuan empat roda di Dataran Nilai, di sini, malam kelmarin.

Nor Azham Ismail, 54, disahkan meninggal dunia kira-kira 10.20 malam akibat penyakit kencing manis dan strok dihidapi.

Ketua Polis Daerah Nilai, Superintendan Abdullah Roning berkata, mangsa yang bekerja di sebuah syarikat di Dengkil, Selangor memberhentikan kenderaan jenis Ford di Dataran Nilai kerana mahu berehat.

“Menurut isterinya, mangsa ada telefon pada jam 7.30 malam, beritahu mahu berhenti rehat kerana mengadu sakit kepala.

“Bagaimanapun, mangsa ditemui tidak sedarkan diri oleh orang awam yang kemudian menghubungi polis," katanya di sini, semalam.

Abdullah berkata, pemeriksaan pada tubuh mangsa juga mendapati tiada sebarang unsur jenayah, sementara kematiannya disahkan Pembantu Perubatan dari Klinik Nilai.

Berikutan itu, katanya, kes diklafisikasikan sebagai mati mengejut dan mayat mangsa dibawa ke Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar di sini untuk bedah siasat.

"Jenazah mangsa juga telah diserahkan kepada isterinya dan dikebumikan di tanah perkuburan di Bagan Lalang, Selangor," katanya.

Sementara itu Ketua Operasi dari Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Nilai, Azmi Hamid berkata, sebuah jentera membabitkan tujuh pegawai dan anggota dikerah ke lokasi sebaik menerima panggilan kecemasan.

"Sebaik tiba, kereta mangsa berada dalam keadaan berkunci.

“Bomba terpaksa memecahkan cermin pintu belakang kereta dan mengambil masa 50 minit untuk mengeluarkan mangsa yang sudah pun tidak sedarkan diri,” katanya.

- Sumber: Sinar Harian 

Nurul Izzah 'bermalam' di lokap Jinjang malam ini

Nurul Izzah Anwar 

SHAH ALAM - Naib Presiden PKR, Nurul Izzah Anwar ditahan di Pusat Tahanan Reman Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur malam ini susulan kenyataannya pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat minggu lalu yang turut menyentuh sistem kehakiman negara.

Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai itu lokap Jinjang kira-kira jam 6.40 petang tadi. Difahamkan perintah tahanan reman akan dimohon polis esok. Mengikut Perlembagaan, polis boleh menahan mana-mana individu tanpa reman selama 24 jam.

Nurul Izzah pada asalnya hadir ke IPD Dang Wangi untuk siasatan berhubung perhimpunan #KitaLawan.

Beliau kemudian ditahan bawah Akta Hasutan susulan laporan polis oleh bekas Ahli Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu, Datuk Zulkifli Noordin 12 Mac lalu ekoran ucapannya yang mengecam hakim di Parlimen berhubung keputusan kes membabitkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Nurul Izzah diwakili peguam Sivarasa Rasiah.

- Sumber: Sinar Harian 

Tak jadi kahwin sebab gagal jawab soalan Matematik

Gambar hiasan.

UTTAR PRADESH - INDIA. Seorang pengantin perempuan tidak mahu mengahwini seorang lelaki kerana bakal suaminya itu gagal menjawab soalan Matematik yang diberikan.

Menurut BBC, wanita berkenaan memberi soalan '15 + 6' dan pengantin lelaki tersebut memberi jawapan '17'.

Walaupun dipujuk oleh keluarga pengantin lelaki, pengantin perempuan tersebut tetap tidak mahu mengahwini anak mereka kerana lelaki tersebut 'tidak berpelajaran'.

Menurut polis, kedua-dua pihak mengembalikan hadiah sebelum hari perkahwinan tersebut.

Kebanyakan perkahwinan di India diaturkan oleh pihak keluarga dan adalah normal jika pengantin belum sempat mengenali antara satu sama lain.

- Sumber: Sinar Harian