Tuesday, 2 September 2014

JDT supporter put behind bars for seven days by Singaporean court

The 27-year-old supporter was charged for ravaging the police line and threatening the security guard in an incident on May 20 - File Photo

JOHOR BAHARU: A Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) fan of Malaysian nationality pleaded guilty for misconduct outside the Jalan Stadium Besar and sentenced to one week imprisonment, The Straits Times' website reported.

Mohamed Kamal Basha, 27 was charged for ravaging the police line and threatening the security guard in the incident on May 20.

He was said to be adamant despite numerous warnings to retreat. Mohamed Kamil claimed that he wanted to help his friends who acted violently upon being barred from entering the stadium during the JDT-Singapore Lions XII match.

They were reported to have purchased tickets which were allocated for Singaporean fans from a man who sold to them through the Internet.

Mohamed Kamil initially pleaded not guilty and was granted bail. He was reported to have stayed at his relative’s house in that republic.

He was among the five JDT fans who were arrested by the Singaporean police force outside the stadium. The other four had served their prison sentence seven days after pleading guilty on May 31.

The prosecution urged the court to impose stricter sentences to them because of their potential belligerent acts and also for the fact that they were stubborn and not willing to listen to the higher authorities.

The prosecution also plead that the court takes into consideration the riots that took place in Little India in Singapore last December and argued that the same incident might recur.

It has been reported that the Johor UMNO Youth intends to assist Mohamed Kamil with his legal fees and living cost while NGO SukaGuam will step in to assist in legislation matters.

-- source: Agencies

Germany, Argentina set for World Cup final rematch

Around 45,000 people watched the World Cup-winners train on Monday - filepic

DSSELDORF: Fifty days after winning the World Cup for the fourth time, the German national team assembled in Duesseldorf on Monday for Wednesday's repeat of the final against Argentina.

Wednesday's match was already set to be a glamour friendly but there is added hype in the wake of Mario Goetze's extra-time winner when the teams last met in Rio de Janeiro on July 13.

Around 45,000 people watched the World Cup-winners train on Monday and Wednesday's game at the Espirit Arena will attract a sell-out crowd.

On Sunday, Joachim Loew's side host Scotland in Dortmund in their first qualifier for Euro 2016. For a German team still taking in the World Cup triumph, the two games have come around quickly.

"I think it's not easy for us - that's clear," Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer said on Monday.

"For Scotland it's the game of the year to start against us. We have to play well against Argentina with regard to the weekend and to be fully prepared for it."

Germany will be without Philipp Lahm, Per Mertesacker and Miroslav Klose, all of whom retired from international football after this summer's tournament.

Most countries would struggle to replace three players, who amassed 354 caps between them, but Germany team manager Oliver Bierhoff is confident that the squad can move on.

"After every tournament, we've always managed to bring the team to another level and to develop them further," Bierhoff said at a press conference on Monday.

The most pressing question is who will replace Lahm as captain. Neuer, midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger and defender Mats Hummels are all candidates.

"When the coach trusts me to do it, I'll do it," Neuer said. "But of course I have to talk to him first to find out what the situation is."

Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus, who missed the World Cup through injury, is back in the squad along with Fiorentina striker Mario Gomez. Highly-rated VfB Stuttgart centre-back Antonio Ruediger is also included.

Mesut Ozil has an ankle injury but Bierhoff said he hoped the Arsenal midfielder would be fit for the Scotland game. Schweinsteiger, however, will miss both matches through injury.

Argentina changed manager after the World Cup, with former Barcelona boss Gerardo Martino taking over after Alejandro Sabella stepped down.

Martino must cope without captain Lionel Messi for his first match in charge. The Barcelona attacker played in a 1-0 win over Villarreal on Sunday but a groin injury has prevented the 27-year-old from travelling to Germany.

"The priority is not the result," Martino said before leaving for Duesseldorf, taking with him the squad that got to the World Cup final, minus Messi.

"What's important is that there's a good atmosphere in the squad." - AFP 

Budak 2 tahun mati ditinggal dalam kereta di Virginia

Kenwood Boulavard East, di mana kanak-kanak burumur dua tahun itu ditemui.

ROANOKE: Seorang budak berumur dua tahun mati selepas ditinggalkan dalam sebuah van oleh ibu bapanya dalam keadaan cuaca panas di Virginia, Amerika Syarikat pada Ahad, lapor agensi berita The Associated Press.

Menurut jurucakap polis, budak itu ditinggalkan untuk satu tempoh yang agak lama.

Budak yang tidak didedahkan namanya itu ditinggalkan di tempat duduk keselamatan kanak-kanak.

Kereta itu pula diletakkan di sebuah kawasan kejiranan.

Punca kematiannya belum disahkan tetapi suhu setempat pada petang Ahad itu mencecah sehingga 32 darjah Celsius.

"Siasatan setakat ini menunjukkan budak itu ditinggalkan secara tidak sengaja oleh keluarganya untuk satu tempoh yang agak lama," kata jurucakap polis, Scott Leamon seperti dipetik oleh media.

Ini bukan kejadian pertama di Amerika Syarikat. Pada tahun ini saja, ada 24 kes yang hampir sama melibatkan kematian kanak-kanak yang ditinggalkan dalam kereta. 

 --Sumber: Agensi

Apple, FBI investigate massive celebrity photo 'hack'

Anonymous posters to online message boards boasted of having nude images of scores of female stars including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence.

LOS ANGELES: The FBI and Apple were urgently investigating Monday after an apparent massive hack of a cloud data service unleashed a torrent of intimate pictures of dozens of celebrities across the Internet.

Anonymous posters to online message boards boasted of having nude images of scores of female stars including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence and top model Kate Upton.

Reports suggested hackers had "ripped" private images from Apple's iCloud online data storage, a potentially embarrassing -- and damaging -- breach for the California tech giant.

"We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report," said Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris, the Re/code website reported.

The FBI has also joined the hunt, other US reports said.

"The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter," The Los Angeles Times quoted Laura Eimiller, spokeswoman for the FBI in Los Angeles, as saying.

"Any further comment would be inappropriate at this time," she added.

Some of the pictures had previously been circulated on message forums, and others appeared fake, but some major stars expressed outrage and threatened legal action.

"This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence," Lawrence's agent told entertainment media.

Upton's lawyer, Lawrence Shore, told Us Magazine: "We intend to pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating these images to the fullest extent possible."

By late Sunday, Twitter had begun suspending accounts that linked to the Lawrence photos, tech news site Mashable reported.

Among the scores of celebrities whose pictures were allegedly stolen were singer Avril Lavigne, actress Hayden Panettiere and United States soccer star Hope Solo.

Former Nickelodeon star and singer Victoria Justice said the images claiming to show her nude were anything but the real deal.

"These so called nudes of me are FAKE people. Let me nip this in the bud right now. *pun intended*" she tweeted.

A spokesperson for actress and pop star Ariana Grande told BuzzFeed that images said to be of her are "completely fake."

'Creepy effort' 

But horror movie actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead confirmed that some of her private pictures were in circulation and condemned those who stole them and who circulated them.

"To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves," she tweeted.

"Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked."

The scale of the breach became apparent on Sunday when users of the 4chan message board, a diverse online community that has been criticized in the past for misogyny, began sharing pictures.

Some more mainstream news and entertainment sites took up the story -- and some linked to the images before taking them down amid legal threats and public outrage.

According to a report on news and gossip site Gawker, users of a AnonIB -- an anonymous photo-sharing platform -- have been boasting of a hack since last week.

Some users, hiding behind pseudonyms, made an apparent attempt to sell the pictures or to trade them with fellow hackers for others.

Security hole?

Tech news site The Next Web reported what it said was evidence that hackers had found a weakness in Apple's "Find my iPhone" service, an app that tracks lost or stolen handsets.

Apple has patched the alleged hole, the report said, but not before news of it spread in the hacker community, perhaps allowing unscrupulous strangers to access private online data.

But other reports suggested that the pictures could have been collated from multiple sources, perhaps not including iCloud at all, and may have been gathered over several years.

News site Deadspin said it had been contacted in early August by a source claiming he had been offered the pictures for sale.

The scale of the hack, and the targeting of women in the public eye, quickly revived the debate on social media about privacy concerns and about misogyny on the Internet.

The scandal also posed a public relations challenge to tech companies, who have been marketing online storage like iCloud, DropBox or GoogleDrive as a safe haven for users' private data.

Several popular tech blogs marked the story by providing advice on storing private data safely, by using advanced encryption and two-step password identification or by keeping it offline. - AFP 

UM's Prof Dr Azmi charged with sedition

Kuala Lumpur Sessions court judge Zanol Rashid Hussain had set Oct 3 for case re-mention.

KUALA LUMPUR: University Malaya’s law lecturer Prof Dr Azmi Sharom was today charged with sedition for his comments on the 2009 Perak crisis.

He was charged under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948 for his article "Take Perak crisis route for speedy end to Selangor impasse, Pakatan told" which was published on a news portal.

Kuala Lumpur Sessions court judge Zanol Rashid Hussain had set Oct 3 for case re-mention.

Azmi who was represented by Gobind Singh Deo, was released on a RM5,000 bail.

-- source: Astro Awani

Kena 'sekolahkan' lagi anak muda sekarang

Erma Fatima

PENGARAH dan pelakon terkenal, Eirma Fatima menyifatkan golongan muda masa kini semakin lupa dan jauh daripada bangsa sendiri terutama masyarakat Melayu.

Menurut Eirma, disebabkan itulah memahami erti kemerdekaan itu sangat penting supaya kita dapat menghayati maknanya.

“Ibu dan bapa saya akan bawa saya keluar rumah seawal 6 pagi untuk menonton perbarisan bagi merasai 'mood' merdeka itu. Sekarang orang dah tak buat begitu dah.

“Jadi, sebagai rakyat Malaysia, tak kira bangsa apa, fahami erti kemerdekaan itu. Fahami bagaimana susahnya orang-orang zaman dulu nak mendapatkan kemerdekaan dan untuk mempertahankan hak-hak yang sepatutnya. Apabila kita faham baru kita hayati erti kemerdekaan,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian Online.

Malah Eirma turut menyentuh soal golongan muda yang malu untuk mengaku diri berbangsa Melayu kerana tidak tahu betapa hebatnya Melayu sejak zaman pra-kemerdekaan lagi.

“Orang muda sekarang makin jauh.. dia makin lupa Melayu itu sendiri sebab itu tak hargai. Ada juga yang belajar di luar negara tapi malu nak mengaku Melayu kerana mereka tidak tahu betapa hebatnya Melayu.

“Kerana hebatnya Melayu itulah, kita merdeka dan apa yang ada di negara kita sekarang ini. Kerana hebatnya Melayu itu jugalah, apa yang orang Melayu dapat sekarang ini. Itu yang budak-budak kita lupa,” katanya.

Tegasnya perkara ini perlu ditangani segera sebelum terlambat.

“Kena sekolahkan mereka lagi. Tak cukup ‘sekolah’ yang ada. Kalau anak-anak muda kita terus begini, habis. Dah tergadai baru kita sedar nanti,” katanya. 

-- Sumber: Sinar Harian 

Rania luah perasaan

SEJAK model jelita ini memilih untuk memeluk agama Islam Ramadan lalu, dia cukup menjaga batas-batas sebagai Muslimah.

Malah, pertuturan, pergaulan dan penampilannya juga dilihat mengikut apa yang dituntut syariat Islam.

Dia juga cukup berhati-hati apabila berhadapan dengan peminat, masyarakat mahupun media. Untuk mendengarnya meninggikan suara amatlah mustahil inikan pula marah atau melenting tanpa asal usul.

Kerana itu, panas seketika dunia seni tempatan apabila empunya nama Raisyyah Rania Yeap atau lebih dikenali sebagai Felixia Yeap ini meluahkan perasaan marah di laman sosial Instagram dan Facebook miliknya rentetan artikel berkaitan dirinya yang disiarkan di sebuah akhbar tempatan (bukan Sinar Harian).

Menerusi Email, Zass telah mendapatkan respons daripadanya berkenaan perkara tersebut.

Menurutnya, dia terkejut kerana apa yang dipaparkan di akhbar itu tanpa pengetahuan daripadanya.

"Tajuknya “Tolonglah jaga maruah!” itu agak kasar, dan kedengaran seperti angkuh. Saya tidak pernah berniat untuk marah sesiapa dengan nada sebegitu, sebab saya pun pernah lalui semua itu, walaupun tidak berbuat demikian di tengah jalan raya dan trafik.

"Saya faham dan sebab itulah saya beri pendapat saya supaya ia tidak menjadi ikutan model-model lain," kata teraju utama telefilem Nikah Kita Bercinta ini.

Bagaimanapun, baginya yang mesra disapa Rania, tajuk yang ditulis itu bernada amat lain daripada apa yang dituliskan di Facebook miliknya.

"Saya hanya ikhlas menyeru orang ramai untuk berpakaian lebih sopan di tempat awam dan jika perlu untuk berpakaian sedemikian atas sebab kerja atau rezeki (seperti model tersebut).

"Maka ia sepatutnya dilakukan di tempat yang tertutup atau tempat yang sesuai seperti pantai yang tidak ramai orang," katanya.

Ujarnya, artikel yang menyatakan dia bekas model juga tidak tepat kerana dia kini masih meneruskan kariernya itu.

"Saya juga masih seorang model, cuma bezanya saya kini model dengan pakaian yang menutup aurat sahaja.

"Sebagai seorang model, kita akan dilihat orang ramai, maka saya juga berharap model juga dapat menjadi contoh yang baik kepada gadis-gadis lain dari segi pemakaian," jelas pelakon berusia 28 tahun ini.

--Sumber: Sinar Harian

Tangkap saya dahulu sebelum ambil tindakan terhadap Unit Amal - Suhaizan

SUHAIZAN: Tangkap saya dahulu sebelum ambil tindakan terhadap Unit Amal.

KUALA LUMPUR: Ketua Pemuda PAS Malaysia, Suhaizan Kaiat mencabar Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi supaya menangkap beliau terlebih dahulu sebelum mengambil tindakan terhadap Jabatan Amal.

Dalam satu kenyataan ringkas di laman Facebooknya, menegaskan Jabatan Amal berada di bawah tanggungjawab beliau selaku Ketua Pemuda PAS Malaysia.

"Saya cabar Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, jika nak ambil tindakan pada Jabatan Amal, tangkap saya dahulu.

"Jabatan Amal bawah tanggungjawab saya selaku ketua Pemuda PAS Malaysia," tulis beliau.

Semalam, Dr Ahmad Zahid memberi amaran akan mengambil tindakan seperti yang diambil terhadap Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS) Pulau Pinang juga akan dikenakan ke atas Unit Amal PAS.

Beliau berkata polis hanya menunggu masa sebelum bertindak terhadap Unit Amal PAS.

"Tindakan yang sama juga akan diambil pihak polis. Saya sangat yakin mereka akan diambil tindakan," kata Zahid.

Sementara itu, The Malaysian Insidermelaporkan, Suhaizan mendesak Dr Ahmad Zahid memohon maaf kerana melabelkan Unit Amal PAS sebagai jabatan keselamatan tidak berdaftar.

Unit Amal PAS merupakan satu unit di bawah Pemuda PAS yang ditubuhkan pada 1991 dan sering bertindak membantu mengawal peserta demonstrasi anjuran pakatan pembangkang.

Ketika demonstrasi Anti GST di hadapan bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad 1 Mei lepas, Unit Amal PAS telah bekerjasama dengan pihak Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) untuk mengawal keadaan dan juga lalu lintas.

-- Sumber: Astro Awani

Media sosial hangat perkatakan foto bogel artis Hollywood

Kecoh di media sosial foto peribadi selebriti Hollywood dikongsi di media sosial selepas penggodam dipercayai berjaya membolosi sistem penyimpanan data pengkomputeran awam iCloud.

Ramai yang mengecam tindakan yang dibuat penggodam apabila foto peribadi tersebut dikongsi di laman 4chan.

Antara selebriti yang terkesan ialah Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Justice, Kate Bosworth dan juga pemenang Oskar, Jennifer Lawrence.

Gambar peribadi yang dibongkar menerusi simpanan iCloud itu termasuk gambar bogel yang diambil untuk simpanan peribadi.

Ramai yang mengecam tindakan yang dibuat penggodam kerana tidak setuju fail peribadi dikongsi kepada umum.

Paling mencuri tumpuan gambar bogel Jennifer Lawrence yang mana telah menyebabkan orang ramai mahu pesalah dibawa ke muka pengadilan.

Ada yang menasihati orang ramai apa perasaan mereka jika ia berlaku kepada ahli keluarga mereka.

Blogger Hollywood terkenal Perez Hilton turut memohon maaf kerana berkongsi gambar bogel Lawrence dan Justice.

Hilton kemudian membuang gambar tersebut dari blognya namun menegaskan dibuat bukan kerana menerima tekanan pihak tertentu.

-- Sumber: Astro Awani

"Tiada maaf baginya, tindakan akan diteruskan"

"Tiada maaf baginya"

KUALA LUMPUR: Polis tetap mengambil tindakan terhadap dua pengguna laman sosial Twitter yang dikesan menghina pasukan keselamatan itu, walaupun seorang daripadanya telah memohon maaf dalam catatan laman Twitternya.

Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar berkata hari ini polis akan meneruskan siasatan terhadap kedua-dua mereka mengikut Seksyen 233 Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia dan Akta Hasutan 1948.

"Tiada maaf baginya. Tindakan akan diteruskan," katanya ketika dihubungi Bernama sebagai mengulas permohonan maaf Viktor Wong, yang menulis "Hello both @PDRMsia @KBAB51, I am retracting the suggestion on the bastardization and apologize to you and all your members of the force" (saya menarik balik cadangan mengenai 'bastardization' dan meminta maaf kepada anda dan semua anggota pasukan anda).

Semalam, Viktor Wong dalam Twitternya menulis "Bastardization of @PDRMsia. Thanks to the ruthless@KBAB51. Henrich Himmler of Malaysia".

Heinrich Himmler merupakan antara individu paling digeruni di bawah pemerintahan Nazi di Jerman.

Khalid berkata tindakan undang-undang juga tetap diambil terhadap seorang lagi individu yang menggunakan akaun Twitter Nasrul Omar walaupun dia telah memadamkan 'post' dalam laman Twitternya.

Semalam, Nasrul mengeluarkan kenyataan biadap terhadap polis dan Khalid.

Sehubungan itu, Khalid mengarahkan Pusat Tindak Balas Siasatan Siber Polis (PCIRC) Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) supaya mengenal pasti individu tidak bertanggungjawab di sebalik dua akaun Twitter berkenaan.

--Sumber: Bernama

Horrifying: Knifeman kills 3 children in China school attack

The attacker later killed himself by jumping from a building.

BEIJING: A knifeman stabbed three children to death and wounded five more plus a teacher in a rampage Monday at a Chinese primary school that refused to enrol his daughter, reports said.

The attacker killed himself by jumping from a building following the carnage at a school in Shiyan in the central province of Hubei, according to the official news agency Xinhua.

The six wounded have been hospitalised, it said, adding two were seriously hurt.

The man, surnamed Chen, "died on the spot", Xinhua said without providing further details.

"An initial probe suggests Chen held a grudge after his daughter was denied registration into the new semester's courses for not completing her summer vocation homework," the news agency added, citing police.

A local police official declined to provide information, saying: "I am not clear, the police bureau officials are at that school investigating."

Monday was the first day of the new school year in many parts of China.

Xinhua said it was not immediately known how Chen entered the premises, adding: "Security at many schools has been tightened after a spate of attacks on children in recent years."

They include five incidents in 2010 that killed 17 people -- 15 of them children -- and wounded more than 80.

Last March a man killed two relatives and then slashed 11 people, including six children, outside a school in China's commercial hub Shanghai.

Earlier this summer police in Qianjing -- which is near Shiyan -- killed a suspect who was attempting to take over a primary school, state media said. - AFP 

Falcao in sensational Manchester United switch

Radamel Falcao will join Manchester United on loan, subject to a medical.

The Colombian striker will play for the Red Devils this season after agreeing a surprise transfer from Monaco on a season-long loan deal, which has now been confirmed by several reputable sources including the BBC.

However, the latest report from prominent Spanish football journalist Guillen Balague insists that the deal is permanent - but is structured initially as a loan deal, in order to circumvent Financial Fair Play regulations.

Earlier on Monday several sources - including El Tiempo, Colombia's biggest paper - claimed that the star striker had agreed a permanent deal to leave Monaco and join United in a £51.3 million (€65m) transfer.

But reports from England on Monday morning clarified that it will be a loan move, with Sky Sports, the Guardian and the Telegraph all confirming that the Colombian striker will play for Louis van Gaal's side this season.

The Guardian report claimed that United will pay no more than £9 million for the striker's services - though it is unclear whether this figure takes into account his wages, which are reportedly over £10m a year.

The BBC and France's L'Equipe additionally reported that there will be a £43.5m (€55m) option for United to buy the player outright at the end of the temporary move - though as Balague's Tweet above claims, the exact agreed details are far from clear at this stage.

Spanish newspaper AS confirmed the Falcao move to United, calling it the "great surprise of the final day of the transfer window." They claim a deal was signed at 2am British time on Monday morning,

Sky Sports added that a private jet has been booked to fly Falcao from Nice to Manchester for a medical and unveiling on Monday.

The latest rumours over the weekend had suggested that Manchester City or Arsenal were the two clubs most likely to land the Colombian superstar, who was one of the best players in Europe for Atletico Madrid in the 2012-13 season, but struggled to adjust to life in Ligue 1 last term.

-- Eurosport