Sunday, 23 April 2017

"Kacau daun" - Child beggar photobombs a pre-wedding shoot

The child beggar with the couple at the wedding photoshoot.

SANDAKAN: A third wheel would always bring bad vibes to couples, but not for soon-to-wed Amir and Noor, when their supposedly picture perfect wedding photo was photobombed by a ‘third person’, a young beggar.

In the midst of the photoshoot session in Harbour Square Sandakan town here last Saturday, the third wheel, who also wore a T-shirt similar to the couple’s wedding attire colour scheme, approached the couple and asked for RM1.

The couple burst into laughter and the photographer, Ahmad Jimmy, decided to include the beggar in the photo frame during the shoot.

Amir and Noor chose Harbour Square to be one of the locations for their wedding photoshoot as they wanted to have sea view as their background.

Ahmad said that he acted to take the shot as it does not happen a lot.

“It is not every day that a wedding photoshoot gets interrupted by a third person. It was very funny so I took the shot,” he said.

The young beggar is infamous in Sandakan town for demanding RM1 and would not accept anything less.

- Source: TheBorneoPost | April 23, 2017