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Kanak-kanak maut dihumban bapa dari jambatan

Lokasi mangsa dihumban bapanya di jambatan Dick Misener.

FLORIDA - AMERIKA SYARIKAT. Seorang kanak-kanak perempuan berusia 5 tahun maut selepas dihumban bapanya dari sebuah jambatan.

Menurut polis, sebelum kejadian sebuah kereta dilihat dipandu laju melepasi sebuah kereta peronda polis pada hari kejadian.

“Kemudiannya, kereta tersebut berhenti di jambatan Dick Misener dan pemandunya keluar dan menghumban seorang kanak-kanak dari jambatan tersebut.

“Pemandu tersebut John Nicholas Jonchuck Jr, merupakan ayah kepada kanak-kanak berkenaan, Phoebe sedang disoal siasat oleh polis,” lapor CNN.

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Victor Valdes 'signs for Manchester United'

Several newspaper reports claim that former Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes has agreed an 18-month contract with Manchester United.

The Spanish goalkeeper, a winner of six Liga titles and three Champions League crowns with Barcelona, had been training at Old Trafford in recent months as he continues rehabilitation from a serious injury.

The injury had prevented him from finding a new club in the summer, when his contract at Camp Nou ran out, and he had been rumoured to be in line for a move to Liverpool.

But the Reds cooled their interest in October, and the Times and Daily Mail now report that Valdes has instead agreed a deal with Louis van Gaal's side which will see him act as David de Gea's back-up.

Van Gaal "has been impressed enough in recent weeks to offer him a deal," the Mail's report claims.

"Valdes’ arrival will give De Gea proper competition at Old Trafford for the first time. Current No 2 Anders Lindegaard is not considered good enough by Van Gaal."

- Source: Eurosport 

Review: Hyundai Sonata Executive

Hyundai has been raving that they have perfected the Sonata solution and the car sure does sound good on paper, but how does the car really drive? Jerrica Leong finds out.

You have to agree that the Hyundai Sonata’s advertising campaign is off the roof. The billboards and teasers all over the roads and telly created so much hype that even the most uninterested had known about the New Sonata’s upcoming launch. I personally wrote the news article of the Sonata and it sounded like the car would be a winning car of the D-segment category, so is it?

Exterior (Score 5/5)

The Hyundai Sonata inherited the previous generation Sonata’s design only refined with the latest interpretation of Fluidic Sculpture 2.0. I wasn’t immediately taken by the looks of the Sonata but it grew on me as I spend more time with the car. The car emphasises on the flowing lines that gives off an elegant impression which appeals to both sides of the gender.

The car looks dashing in Dark Horse (a shade of brown) and young in Remington Red while Phantom Black just makes the car feels more “executive”, you get different vibes with different colours of the car.

Interior (Score 5/5)

Potholes covered the B-roads that we were travelling along but sitting in the Sonata makes you think that the car is driving through smooth tarmac, I felt only the barest bump when I drove through a few particularly deep holes in succession.

Not only does the Sonata iron out potholes like an iron set on the highest temperature on water, the Sonata also has the ability to prevent you from feeling the motion. I had the pleasure of learning about ESC on the Sonata when it was turned off and the car made a 360degree spin but I hadn’t felt anything in the seats.

The car’s NVH levels are exceptional; barely any noise trickled into the car when all four windows were shut tight. I allowed the car its head when I took to the driver’s seat and only the needle nearing the right end of the speedo and the howling wind entering through the open window informed me of the speed I was going, it is that silent!

Comfortable is an understatement to describe the Sonata’s interior.

Power and Handling (Score: 5/5)

The Sonata has a displacement of 1999cc and a maximum power of 152bhp at 6200rpm and a max torque of 194Nm at 4000rpm. They aren’t the most impressive numbers in anybody’s book but the car sure felt powerful and thanks to the exceptional interior built the car give the impression of being faster than it is.

Drive the Sonata fast and the Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS) will stop providing a flow of electric current to give the driver a tighter and sportier feel, when you drive the car at low speeds the MDPS will direct a significant amount of current to the motor to increase steering assist force. This system increases the Sonata’s divine driving experience.

Tech and Safety (Score: 4/5)

The only blemish in the Sonata’s good record is the Human Machine Interface (HMI). Then again it depends on how you view it. From the interior touchscreen system to the Smart Trunk system where the boot will open when you stand behind the car for three seconds. The Sonata is extremely equipped with all that Korea has invented and should sound like the most technologically car ever, if only they work better.

The Sonata comes with an Audio Visual Navigator that is powered by Android 4.4.2 operating system, it provides you access with apps like Spotify (which we put to full use) and Waze so there’s no need to exhaust your phone battery. You can even play Youtube videos on the AVN and the video would be broadcasted on the speakers throughout the car. Unfortunately this system isn’t always the efficient. The Waze screen turned black when we attempted to navigate our way back to base and one car in the convoy had Waze showing the location we had departed from and refused to change even after we arrived back in Sepang.

As for safety, you get the expected six airbags and the usual safety ABC soup with an extra Safe Drive Recorder that is only available in the Executive and Elegance variant, it even has a recorder to record what goes on inside other than the road. Think of it as something of a blackbox for the Hyundai Sonata.


Hyundai may have made some changes to the prices for the Sonata after the launch, it is now more expensive than before, but it doesn’t change the fact that the car is worth every penny that trickles out of your bank account. The Sonata is a fusion of all the best traits of every D-segment car out there added into one, only to be enhanced by five times. The car is brilliant to drive regardless of being on the highway or around B-roads and comfortable for everybody in the car. Hyundai definitely came up with a winning car with the Sonata.

Overall score: 19/20

Hyundai Sonata Executive

On Sale: Now
Pric: RM158,053.30 OTR with Insurance
Engine: 1999cc, 2.0 MPi Dual CVVT, 152bhp @ 6200rpm, 194Nm @ 4000rpm
Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic, Front wheel drive

- Source: Astro Publication 

Brunei bans Christmas celebrations

The statement also said that businesses that publicly displayed Christmas decorations were asked to take them down and had given their "full cooperation". - AFP Photo

BRUNEI: Oil-rich Brunei has banned public celebrations of Christmas for fear of Muslims being led astray, its religious affairs ministry said Thursday, in a country that last year controversially instituted tough Islamic sharia penalties.

The ban, instituted after Christmas last month when local children and adults were seen wearing clothes "that resemble Santa Claus", raises fresh concerns of religious restrictions after last April's announcement of the introduction of a penal code that will eventually include penalties such as the severing of limbs and death by stoning.

A spokesman declined to comment directly on the ban, but referred to a December 27 statement in which the ministry said the act of publicly marking non-Islamic rituals or festivities "can be seen as propagation of religions other than Islam."

It noted in particular: "For example, in conjunction with Christmas celebrations, Muslim children, teenagers and adults can be seen wearing hats or clothes that resemble Santa Claus."

"Believers of other religions that live under the rule of an Islamic country -- according to Islam -- may practice their religion or celebrate their religious festivities among their community, with the condition that the celebrations are not disclosed or displayed publicly to Muslims," the statement said.

"Muslims should be careful not to follow celebrations such as these that are not in any way related to Islam... and could unknowingly damage the faith of Muslims."

The statement also said that businesses that publicly displayed Christmas decorations were asked to take them down and had given their "full cooperation".

The latest move comes after Brunei's all-powerful Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah announced in April that he would push ahead with the introduction of a new criminal code which sparked rare domestic criticism of the fabulously wealthy ruler as well as international condemnation.

- Source: AFP 

Wanita disamun, turut dipaksa lakukan seks oral

BATU PAHAT - Sekumpulan penyamun terdiri daripada tiga lelaki bukan sahaja menyamun seorang wanita, malah seorang daripadanya memaksa wanita malang berkenaan melakukan seks oral.

Dalam kejadian jam 2 petang, 4 Disember lalu, di Kampung Parit Abdul Rahman, mangsa terpedaya dengan tindakan suspek yang meminta pertolongan daripadanya.

Ketua Polis Daerah Batu Pahat, Asisten Komisioner Din Ahmad berkata, kejadian berlaku setelah mangsa didatangi suspek untuk bertanyakan arah dan menunjukkan lokasi Taman Puteri Indah.

Katanya, selepas itu mangsa bersetuju menghantar suspek ke lokasi dimaksudkan dengan motosikal milik mangsa.

“Dalam perjalanan ke lokasi, suspek mengarahkan mangsa memasuki sebuah ladang kelapa sawit dan kemudiannya menyamun mangsa dengan mengambil kesemua barangan milik mangsa.

“Mangsa yang tidak mengenali suspek diacu pisau dan di situ mangsa dicabul serta dipaksa melakukan seks oral.

“Mangsa kemudian diarah berlari sebelum kesemua suspek melarikan diri,” katanya semalam.

Menurut Din, seorang daripada suspek didapati turut terlibat dengan kejadian ragut yang berlaku di Jalan Mohd Akil, 26 Disember lalu.

Katanya, hasil siasatan, suspek pertama berjaya ditahan yang membawa kepada penangkapan dua lagi suspek di sekitar daerah ini.

“Dengan tertangkapnya ketiga-tiga suspek, kami percaya dapat menyelesaikan dua kes dilakukan kumpulan penyamun ini.

“Daripada ujian air kencing didapati kesemua suspek positif dadah dan direman sehingga 14 Januari untuk siasatan lanjut.

“Kes berkenaan kini disiasat mengikut Seksyen 362 Kanun Keseksaan, Seksyen 395/397 Kanun Keseksaan dan Seksyen 377c Kanun Keseksaan,” katanya.

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Video 'JPJ kena buli' tarik perhatian

SHAH ALAM - Sebuah video yang dimuatnaik ke laman sosial Facebook oleh akaun 'Chandara Lawan Tetap Lawan' telah menarik perhatian lebih 3,000 pelayar.

Video rakaman amatur berkenaan, yang menyaksikan sebuah kenderaan Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) yang cuba menahan sebuah lori yang dikatakan membawa lebih muatan.

Pemandu lori tersebut memandu secara melulu selepas menyedari dirinya dalam pemerhatian pihak berkuasa.

Walaupun akhirnya lori tersebut berhenti, pemandu lori berkenaan mengambil kesempatan melarikan diri selepas pihak berkuasa memberhentikan kenderaan mereka.

Menariknya, pelayar Facebook yang menonton video berkenaan memberikan reaksi yang berbeza-beza.

Ada yang menghentam pihak berkuasa yang terlibat tanpa sebab, tak kurang juga yang seratus peratus menyalahkan pemandu lori yang memandu secara merbahaya.

Lokasi dan waktu kejadian gagal ditentukan.

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'BAH MERAH 2014' dari klip-klip video jadi Filem Pendek

Foto banjir kreatif milik Nasrul ini turut viral di media sosial

Menghadapi bencana banjir menjadi satu pengalaman yang mungkin tidak dapat dilupakan oleh mereka yang terpaksa mengharunginya. Bagi seorang juruvideo seperti Nasrullah Napi, 29 tahun, pengalaman menghadapi banjir besar diabadikan sebagai satu subjek untuk portfolionya. Hanya dengan menggunakan sebuah iPhone serta kemahiran merakam dan menyunting video, maka terhasillah filem pendek bertajuk 'Bah Merah 2014'.

"Video ini asalnya hanya klip-klip yang saya hantar kepada kawan-kawan melalui whatsapp kerana mereka selalu mengambil berat dan ingin tahu keadaan di kampung. Jadi daripada klip-klip tersebut saya gabungkan menjadi satu video lengkap. Dan digabungkan dengan muzik terbitan Faliq Auri..." terang Nasrul.

Nasrul terpaksa bergegas pulang ke kampung halamannya di Kampung Jambu, Pengkalan Chepa selepas mendapat berita banjir besar melanda negeri Kelantan.

Menurut Nasrul, kampungnya pernah dilanda banjir pada tahun 2004 tetapi tidak seteruk bencana kali ini. Sampan dan rakit menjadi pengangkutan utama untuk penduduk kampung bergerak, manakala di ruang udara helikopter digunakan bagi menghantar bantuan kepada mangsa banjir akibat terputus laluan darat. Nazrul, ibu serta adiknya ditempatkan bersama kira-kira 2600 mangsa banjir lain di SK Seri Cempaka, Kota Bharu sementara menunggu air mulai surut.

Hari ini, keadaan di Kampung Jambu sudah semakin pulih & menurut Nazrul air telah mulai surut.."setelah beberapa hari dilanda banjir, air disini sudah semakin surut. Jalanraya sudah mula boleh digunakan cuma terdapat habuk-habuk dan debu-debu yang mencemar udara persekitaran. Sebab daripada banjir, terhasil lumpur, dari lumpur, ia mengering dan menjadi debu.."

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Dirogol kekasih kakak

  • Mangsa berusia 16 tahun dikatakan dirogol di tangga tersebut pada November lalu.
  • Mangsa berusia 16 tahun dikatakan dirogol di tangga tersebut pada November lalu.

KAJANG – Gara-gara bertemu kekasih kakak kandungnya, seorang pelajar tingkatan empat berdepan detik hitam apabila dirogol lelaki berkenaan di tangga sebuah pangsapuri di Jalan Anggerik Perdana, dekat sini, November lalu.

Ketua Polis Daerah Kajang, Asisten Komisioner Ab Rashid Ab Wahab berkata, mangsa baru mengenali teman lelaki kakaknya itu.

Tanpa mengesyaki apa-apa, mangsa pergi berjumpa dengan suspek di tangga tingkat tujuh pangsapuri berkenaan.

“Mulanya mangsa hanya sekadar berborak-borak dengan suspek, bagaimanapun suspek bertindak di luar jangkaan apabila mmerogol mangsa.

“Ketika insiden itu berlaku, mangsa menjerit untuk mendapatkan bantuan, namun gagal selepas jeritannya tidak didengari," katanya.

Beliau berkata, mangsa akhirnya membuat laporan polis sebelum suspek ditangkap, Jumaat lalu.

Menurutnya, siasatan mendapati suspek juga pernah merogol kakak mangsa beberapa kali di tangga berkenaan dan terakhir melakukannya pada 24 Disember lalu.

Suspek kini direman selama tujuh hari bermula Sabtu lalu, bagi membantu siasatan.

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Beijing Airport is second busiest airport in the world

The number of passengers travelling through BCIA was up 2.9 per cent as compared to the previous year.

BEIJING: Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) handled some 86.128 million passengers last year, making it the world's second busiest airport after the United States' Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The number of passengers travelling through BCIA was up 2.9 per cent as compared to the previous year, with international passengers reaching 20.73 million in 2014, and rising 4.6 per cent from a year earlier, the airport said in a statement on Wednesday.

In terms of cargo traffic, the airport handled 1.85 million tonnes of cargo last year, an increase of 0.2 per cent as compared to a year earlier, while the number of arriving and departing flights reached 582,000, growing by 2.5 per cent year-on-year in 2014.

Currently, the airport offers services for a total of 96 airways, including 26 local airlines and 70 international and regional airlines, said the statement.

In order to ease congestion at the BCIA, a new international airport costing 79.98 billion yuan (around US$13.11 billion) will be built near the Chinese capital city.

Construction on the new airport began on Dec 26, last year and it is expected to handle 72 million passengers, two million tonnes of cargo and mail, and 620,000 flights by 2025.

It is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

- Source: Bernama 

Kanak-kanak derita mata tidak pernah berkelip

  • Penyakit berkait kromosom dihidapi kanak-kanak ini menyebabkan matanya tidak berkelip.
  • Penyakit berkait kromosom dihidapi kanak-kanak ini menyebabkan matanya tidak berkelip.

KOTA BHARU - Derita ditanggung seorang kanak-kanak lapan tahun apabila tidak pernah merasa mata berkelip seumur hidupnya akibat menghidap penyakit berkait kromosom sejak kecil.

Kanak-kanak berkenaan, Anis Suraya Tuan Azam tinggal di Jertih, Terengganu dan merupakan anak bongsu daripada empat beradik.

Menceritakan keadaannya itu, bapa Anis Suraya, Tuan Azam Tuan Kechik berkata, anaknya dilahirkan pada tahun 2006 yang lalu dan sejak itu mata Anis Suraya tidak pernah tertutup, malah terbuka separuh seperti mata orang mengantuk atau letih.

“Matanya berbujur keluar, tetapi kelopaknya terbuka seperti mata kuyu dan kedua-dua belah mata itu merah serta selain turut menampakkan urat-urat di bahagian kedua-dua kelopak,” katanya ketika ditemui melawat saudara mereka yang menjadi mangsa banjir di Kampung Beris Jejawi, di sini, kelmarin.

Tuan Azam berkata, dia berasa sedih melihat pernderitaan ditanggung anak perempuannya itu dan sentiasa membawa Anis Suraya mendapatkan rawatan di hospital. 

Bagaimanapun, setakat ini hanya keadaan Anis Suraya bergantung pada ubatan yang dibekalkan.

“Kadangkala dia ada mengadu matanya sakit serta senak, saya tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa hanya sedakar memberinya makan ubat untuk mengurangkan rasa sakit yang ditanggung. 

“Pihak hospital ada menawarkan pembedahan untuk membuka kelopak matanya dengan lebih luas, tetapi saya menolak berikutan pembedahan itu tidak dapat mengubat supaya mata Anis Suraya berkelip sebaliknya hanya meluaskan kawasan mata,” katanya.

Menurutnya, walaupun dalam keadaan kesakitan dan kekurangan itu, Anis Suraya tetap seorang yang cepat mengenal dan boleh mengaji al-Quran selain pandai dalam pembelajaran di sekolah. 

Bantuan bagi meringankan kos rawatan boleh disalur ke akaun Maybank 103015739620 atau hubungi Tuan Azam 014-5387842.

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Detik terakhir unit pemusnah bom terakam

  • Sedutan video ngeri yang mengorbankan anggota unit pemusnah bom di Cairo, Mesir.
  • Sedutan video ngeri yang mengorbankan anggota unit pemusnah bom di Cairo, Mesir.

BEBERAPA video yang menunjukkan detik-detik terakhir seorang pegawai unit pemusnah bom sebelum terkorban ketika mematikan bom tersebar laman sosial sejak beberapa hari lalu.

Pegawai berkenaan dilihat menghampiri sebuah beg yang diletakkan berhampiran sebuah stesen minyak, dimana orang ramai mengeluarkan telefon bimbit mereka dan merakam.

Pegawai berkenaan memegang sebuah alat yang kemudiannya meletup di tanganya.

Selepas melambung beberapa kaki, pegawai tersebut tidak lagi bergerak dan orang ramai bergegas untuk membantu.

Menurut Daily Mail, kumpulan pengganas Ajnad Misr mengaku meletakkan bom tersebut yang menyasarkan balai polis berdekatan.

Kejadian tersebut difahamkan berlaku di Cairo, Mesir.

Video berkenaan yang dimuatnaik pada 6 Januari itu juga dikongsi ke laman sosial Facebook dan laman mikro Twitter.

- Sumber: Daily Mail 

Infografik: Kadar matawang ringgit Malaysia berbanding dolar AS dari 1997 - 2014

Sehingga jam 12.30 tengahari Rabu, ringgit mencatatkan kejatuhan 0.2 peratus kepada 3.5647 selepas merundum sehingga 0.8 peratus kepada 3.5862, menjadikannya paras terendah untuk tempoh 5 tahun.

Setakat 5 petang Selasa, unit tempatan diniagakan 3.5555 berbanding dolar daripada 3.5320 pada Isnin.

Graf menunjukkan perbandingan kadar matawang Ringgit Malaysia dan dolar dari tahun 1997 sehingga tahun 2014.

Penambatan ringgit telah dilaksanakan pada tahun 1998 pada tahan RM3.80 kepada AS$ 1 dolar sehingga tahun 2005.

Selepas tahun 2005, kadar mata wang dilepaskan mengikut aliran pasaran dunia.

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