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Perdana Menteri tolak "permohonan cuti sakit" Khairy di Twitter

KUALA LUMPUR: 'Permohonan cuti sakit' Menteri Belia dan Sukan Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) ditolak Perdana Menteri Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Najib membalas 'permohonan' KJ itu secara berjenaka dengan hashtag #MCDitolak dan diretweet oleh ramai pengguna sosial media.

.@KhairyKJ Glad you felt well enough to come for Cabinet Meeting #MCDitolak— Mohd Najib Tun Razak (@NajibRazak) June 13, 2014
KJ kemudiannya membalas twit tersebut dan menganggap ianya satu pengajaran kepada semua yang berhasrat mahu mengambil kesempatan ketika musim Piala Dunia.

Pengajaran bagi semua yang mahu kelentong boss masing2 semasa World— Khairy Jamaluddin (@Khairykj) June 13, 2014

Sebelum ini KJ berjenaka dengan meminta cuti sakit mendapat perhatian Perdana Menteri.

KJ yang telah secara bergurau menulis twit kepada Najib agar diberikan cuti sakit kerana berjaga malam untuk menonton acara pembukaan Piala Dunia FIFA 2014.

: @NajibRazak Boss, Saya demam panas, badan sakit tak boleh bangun sejak semalam. Maaf tak dpt kerja hari ni, esok hantar slip MC #CubaNasib— Khairy Jamaluddin (@Khairykj) June 12, 2014
Gurauan dua pemimpin ini mendapat perhatian warga Twitter dan diretweet ramai pengguna laman mikro tersebut.

Awal pagi tadi, berlangsung perlawanan pembukaan Piala Dunia FIFA 2014 antara pasukan tuan rumah Brazil menentang pasukan Croatia.

Walaupun perbezaan waktu Malaysia dan Brazil adalah 11 jam, namun ianya tidak menghalang peminat sukan bola sepak di Malaysia untuk bersekang mata menantikan acara pembukaan Piala Dunia tersebut.

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6,275 pelacur pelbagai negara ditahan Januari hingga April tahun ini

Polis melakukan 18,520 serbuan bagi membanteras kegiatan pelacuran dengan yang tertinggi di Selangor iaitu sebanyak 4,959

KUALA LUMPUR: Sejumlah 6,275 wanita dari pelbagai negara ditahan sejak Januari hingga April lepas kerana dipercayai terbabit dalam kegiatan pelacuran di negara ini.

Ketua Penolong Pengarah Cawangan Kongsi Gelap, Maksiat dan Perjudian (D7) Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman SAC Roslee Chik berkata daripada jumlah itu, sebanyak 2,133 adalah warga Vietnam.

Bilangan wanita Vietnam yang ditahan meningkat berbanding tahun sebelumnya bagi tempoh sama iaitu 1,126 orang.

"Peningkatan sejumlah 1,007 wanita Vietnam adalah disebabkan permintaan pelanggan dan bayaran murah serta layanan 'mesra' wanita negara itu," katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata kebanyakan wanita Vietnam menjalankan kegiatan mereka di pusat hiburan dan rumah urut.

"Kos yang murah dalam sistem pengangkutan seperti penerbangan tambang murah dan jalan darat melalui Thailand juga menjadi pemangkin untuk mereka masuk ke negara ini.

"Wanita Vietnam ini dipercayai dibawa masuk oleh ejen tempatan sebelum mengagihkan wanita berkenaan mengikut permintaan pengusaha pusat hiburan," katanya.

Selain wanita Vietnam, turut ditahan dalam Ops Noda di seluruh negara sepanjang Januari hingga April lepas ialah wanita China (1,661), Thailand (1,369), Indonesia (485), Filipina (212), India (94), Bangladesh (23), Laos (28) dan Uganda (16).

Wanita negara lain yang turut terbabit dalam kegiatan pelacuran di negara ini ialah Pakistan, Nepal, Kampuchea, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Singapura, Rusia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela dan Perancis.

Roslee berkata polis melakukan 18,520 serbuan bagi membanteras kegiatan pelacuran dengan yang tertinggi di Selangor iaitu sebanyak 4,959 diikuti Kuala Lumpur (3,518), Johor (3,074) dan Perak (2,426).

Beliau berkata wanita tempatan turut terbabit dengan gejala pelacuran iaitu seramai 621 orang sepanjang empat bulan lepas (Januari hingga April 2014).

"Tahun lepas, polis tahan seramai 934 wanita tempatan sepanjang tempoh masa yang sama," katanya sambil menambah polis sedang giat


J-Lo adds glamour to World Cup 2014 opening ceremony

J-Lo was a welcome sight as she rose up from inside a giant ball positioned on the stadium floor.

SAO PAOLO: American star Jennifer Lopez added a dash of glamour to the colourful World Cup opening ceremony on Thursday in a vivid contrast to the violent anti-tournament protests in the city.

J-Lo, wearing a carnival-inspired and revealing green outfit, appeared from a trapdoor along with rapper Pitbull to sing the official World Cup song with Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte.

The ceremony was held ahead of the opening game between Brazil and Croatia.

With her participation not confirmed until the last minute, J-Lo was a welcome sight as she rose up from inside a giant ball positioned on the stadium floor.

Gold-shirted fans started arriving at Corinthians Arena on Thursday morning, several hours before kick-off, and there was a huge cheer when the opening ceremony started.

Figures dressed as trees walked on stilts and children representing flowers bounced on trampolines around the huge, glowing ball in the centre of the stadium.

It was not long before samba music kicked in and traditional dancers celebrating Brazil's ethnic and geographical range took the floor.

Acrobats dressed as balls replaced the dancers and 64 children came in juggling balls on strings, to another big roar as a giant Brazilian flag entered the rapidly filling arena.

Finally the big ball opened to reveal Brazilian singing star Leitte, swiftly followed by J-Lo and Pitbull.

J-Lo, showing off her trademark Latin dance moves, belted out the official World Cup song, "We Are One (Ole Ola)" with her fellow performers before they disappeared back down the trapdoor.

A worldwide TV audience of several hundred million is expected for the opening game in which hosts and favourites Brazil will take on Croatia at 5:00 pm (2000 GMT).

Earlier, military police clashed with masked anti-World Cup protesters demonstrating a few kilometers (miles) away against the huge cost of staging the tournament.

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up an earlier, smaller protest near a Sao Paulo subway station.

All 61,600 tickets were sold for the opening match. Twelve 12 foreign heads of state were to attend the Group A game.


Not a football fan? 10 things you need to know about World Cup 2014

World Cup

KUALA LUMPUR: Football is in Malaysians' DNA and despite the 11 hours time difference between Brazil and Malaysia, surely many football fans here watched the opening match between Brazil and Croatia earlier today.

However, some of you may not be familiar or even interested in the much-hyped about World Cup 2014.

But with the match expected to go on for a month, it seems that the football craze is not about to cool off anytime soon.

So, for those who are clueless about this, here are 10 easy to digest facts about the tournament:

1. Brazil was chosen as the host for World Cup 2014, on October 30, 2007.

2. The 12 host cities are Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Recife, Cuiaba, Manaus, Natal and Curitiba.

3. Brazil was supposed to complete the 12 hosts stadiums on December 31, 2013 but half of them were not ready by the given time.

4. Thanks to Google Maps, fans can get avirtual tour of all 12 stadiums. 

5. Days before the opening ceremony, the event was marred by numerous strikes and protests. Those against the event said they would prefer the $11 billion (RM35 billion) in government spending for the games to be allocated for transport, schools and healthcare. 

6. Twitter introduced the three-letter hashflags for each countries, and is set to make the World Cup as the most tweeted global event, beating London 2012 Olympic Games.

7. The opening round, also known as the group stage, is a round-robin format with eight groups of four teams each. Top teams and teams from the same geographic region are kept separate.

8. Only two teams from each group will advance to the second round.

9. The Round of 16 (second round) is scheduled to start on June 28, quarter-finals on July 4, semi-finals on July 8 and the final on July 13. The play-off for third place is July 12.

10. Three teams from    Group B (Spain, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia) have a shot to reach the finals.

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'First' transgender footballer tackles tough for acceptance

Born as John Saelua, plans to quit the game after 2015.

SYDNEY:  Jaiyah Saelua may be nearing the end of her football career, but the 'world's first' transgender professional player says she has more to achieve as the sport celebrates the World Cup in Brazil.

The striking 6ft 1ins (1.83 metres) centre-back, who was born John Saelua, plans to quit the game after 2015, but hopes to remain involved in efforts to combat discrimination and homophobia in the sport.

"Just to get the message across that soccer should be a sport for everyone," the American Samoa international told AFP during a visit to Sydney.

Saelua, first selected for American Samoa at the age of 14, says she "runs like a girl" and never considered her gender an issue. "Girls can be fast too," she said.

The 25-year-old, who is known for her tough, physical tackles, wasn't even aware she was the first transgender player -- as recognised by FIFA -- to play in a men's international match before she did so.

"I didn't know the significance it had on the world because in Polynesian culture it's not that big of an issue.

"And I assumed that a lot more trans-people in the Pacific region were playing international football. I haven't met any in my career but I was so sure that there has been (some) before me."

- 'Way of the woman' -

Saelua is one of Polynesia's "fa'afafine", a tradition which means "way of the woman" and allows males to choose to be brought up as females.

The deep acceptance of Saelua by her American Samoa teammates is seen in a documentary released earlier this year about the side's battle to overcome its reputation as the world's worst football team, having suffered a record 31-0 defeat at the hands of Australia in 2001.

"Next Goal Wins" shows her dancing in a dress and straightening her long, chestnut hair in the changing room.

Saelua says other teams are also accepting, but occasionally resort to name-calling. "Never works, makes me play harder," she said with a laugh.

It wasn't until she tried out for the men's football team in college in Hawaii at the age of 22 that Saelua was treated differently.

"At the warm-up for the try-outs the coach pulled me aside and said that he didn't want to put his team in an uncomfortable position," she said.

"And I knew that was my cue to leave. So I only spent 10 minutes during the warm-up and I didn't even get to show how good a player I was."

She says she would deal with the experience differently today.

"I probably would take matters more seriously, because it is an issue worldwide. And even at the college level it should be dealt with."

- 'Our time' -

Instrumental in American Samoa's first ever win -- a victory against Tonga in 2011 in a preliminary World Cup qualifier -- Saelua is taking her role seriously and delayed her initial plans for gender transition in order to remain on the pitch and inspire others.

"I was sure in 2011 that when the (World Cup qualifying) was over I would give it up and start my transition, but... we were doing well," she said of the team that failed to qualify for the tournament in Brazil.

"And I didn't want to give the message to other trans athletes or potential trans athletes (that they would) not be able to see me again playing after 2011."

But 2015 will be Saelua's last year playing with the team she has helped rebuild.

"There are no rules against it but as a personal decision ... for me, because I tackle tough ... it's risky for me," she said of the surgeries, adding that she needs the testosterone to "play tough".

"I feel like I am not getting younger and the older I get, the harder it will be to transition."

Transgender issues are reaching political agendas around the world, with India's highest court ruling in April that a person can be legally recognised as gender-neutral.

Australia's highest court has also acknowledged the existence of a third "non-specific" gender that is neither male nor female, while its top sports, including all football codes, came together this year in support of stamping out discrimination and homophobia.

Saelua is hopeful of continuing her role as a fighter for acceptance off the pitch.

"(FIFA president) Sepp Blatter wrote me a letter in 2011 recognising me as the first transgender... he mentioned that he has a team of athletes that he put together to fight discrimination in any way."

She hopes that American Samoan officials can reach Blatter to find a way for her to appear at the World Cup in Brazil as an ambassador against homophobia.

"I think this is our time, for transgender people," she said. - AFP 

Filem baharu Tom Cruise

Filem baharu Tom Cruise

SATU lagi filem aksi daripada pelakon popular, Tom Cruise selepas membintangi blokbuster iaitu Oblivion dan Mission Imposibble 5.

'Edge Of Tomorrow' mengisahkan Leftanan Kol. William 'Bill' Cage (Tom Cruise) dan Angkatan Tentera Khas Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) diarahkan untuk bekerjasama dalam misi menentang bangsa alien yang dikenali sebagai Mimics.

Pengarahnya, Doug Liman berkata filem ini menampilkan bangsa manusia terpaksa berlawan dan mati berulang-ulang kali dalam kehidupan realiti dan fantasi.

"Awalnya Cage merupakan pegawai yang tidak pernah menerima latihan ketenteraan terjerumus dalam misi bahaya.

"Terperangkap dalam relung masa, dari masa ke semasa skil dan kemahiran menghadapi musuh semakin meningkat," katanya.

Dalam masa yang sama, Rita Vrataski berjaya membuatkan Cage pandai mengeksploitasi terhadap pertukaran fantasi dan realiti.

JUDUL : Edge Of Tomorrow
DURASI : 113 minit
Genre: Aksi / Fiksyen Sains
Pengarah: Doug Liman
Pelakon: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Bill Paxton

Hantu Nan Sempit catat peningkatan luar biasa

Sedutan adegan lakonan Soffi Jikan dan Jue Aziz dalam filem Hantu Nan Sempit. - Foto oleh produksi Hantu Nan Sempit.
Sedutan adegan lakonan Soffi Jikan dan Jue Aziz dalam filem Hantu Nan Sempit. - Foto oleh produksi Hantu Nan Sempit.

FILEM terbaru pengarah terkenal, Ahmad Idham Hantu Nan Sempit berjaya mencatat peningkatan luar biasa pengunjung pada hari ketujuh tayangannya, semalam.

Menurut Idham, filem itu mencatat lebih 10,000 kemasukan pada hari biasa bukan kelazimannya pada hujung minggu.

"Semenjak ditayangkan 5 Jun lalu, Hantu Nan Sempit, mencatat lebih 10,000 kemasukan, pada hari Rabu (11 Jun). Ia merupakan satu peningkatan luar biasa mencatat sejarah tersendiri buat pasukan produksi. Biasanya, kemasukan penonton adalah tinggi pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad.

"Saya melihat situasi ini agak luar biasa tapi saya yakin, ianya berlaku apabila ramai penonton yang telah menonton filem ini, cukup menyukainya, dan mula memberitahu kepada kawan-kawan yang lain. Ini merupakan pemasaran 'mulut ke mulut' yang merupakan satu faktor 'domino' cukup penting bagimemastikan kejayaan sesebuah filem," katanya dalam satu kenyataan, hari ini.

Malah menurut Idham, sambutan menggalakkan daripada penonton ini disifatkan sebagai penyuntik semangat kepada industri yang suram sejak kebelakangan ini.

"Saya bersyukur atas sambutan filem ini di pawagam. Tambahan pula, dalam keadaan industri filem Melayu kita yang agak suram, Hantu Nan Sempit, sedikit sebanyak berjaya menceriakan industri ini.

"Banyak faktor yang mendorong kejayaan filem ini, termasuklah barisan pelakon juga unsur komedi yang ringan dan menghiburkan. Ianya juga ada kritikan sosial yang jelas, di sebalik kisah aksi motor yang dipaparkan," katanya.

Hantu Nan Sempit dibintangi beberapa pelakon terkenal seperti Hazama Azmi, Jue Aziz, Erin Malek dan Soffi Jikan.

Setakat hari ini, filem tersebut telah mencatat kutipan lebih RM500,000.

- Sinar Harian 

Segera siasat kes rasuah 2 pegawai tertinggi polis

R.Sri Sanjeevan
R.Sri Sanjeevan

SHAH ALAM - Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) didesak menyegerakan siasatan ke atas dua kes salah laku rasuah didakwa melibatkan pegawai tertinggi Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM).

Pengerusi Badan Pemantau Jenayah (MyWatch), R Sri Sanjeevan mendakwa sehingga kini, dua pegawai berjawatan tinggi itu masih bertugas seperti biasa sedangkan kertas siasatan ke atas mereka telah dibuka sejak lebih dua minggu lalu.

"Sehingga kini SPRM tidak menghubungi saya tentang perkembangan siasatan itu walaupun banyak bukti telah saya berikan kepada mereka.

"Saya harap SPRM segera bertindak dan memanggil dua pegawai polis berjawatan tinggi itu supaya memberi keterangan salah laku rasuah dan penyelewengan kuasa mereka," katanya kepada Sinar Harian Online, hari ini.

Pada 22 Mei lalu, MyWatch mendakwa anak lelaki seorang pegawai kanan polis memiliki aset melebihi RM2 juta.

Menurut Sanjeevan, kekayaan lelaki berusia 30-an itu menimbulkan tanda tanya kerana dia tidak mempunyai sebarang pekerjaan.

Antara aset lelaki itu yang diragui sumbernya ialah dua kereta mewah jenis Audi A5 dan Jaguar XF yang dibeli secara tunai, selain turut mempunyai enam akaun peribadi yang kesemuanya berjumlah melebihi RM500,000.

Selain itu, MyWatch juga mendakwa seorang pegawai kanan polis di sebuah pusat peranginan didakwa campur tangan dalam dua kes jenayah dengan bertujuan melindungi beberapa sindiket Cina.

Ini termasuklah menerima suapan sebanyak RM15,000 untuk melindungi pemilik sebuah pusat hiburan di sebuah pusat peranginan di negara ini.

Mengulas lanjut, Sanjeevan turut mempersoalkan sikap berdiam diri Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar yang masih membiarkan pegawai terbabit bertugas seperti biasa.

"Apa guna Unit Tatatertib di bawah urusetia KPN, Tan Sri Khalid kalau pegawai yang disiasat itu masih bertugas seperti biasa.

"Sepatutnya KPN kena memandang serius kes ini termasuk menggantung tugas atau memberi mereka cuti sehingga siasatan selesai," katanya.

Sinar Harian 

Komplikasi penyakit kronik punca kematian Dr Mark

KUALA LUMPUR - Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam menjelaskan bahawa punca kematian seorang doktor di Hospital Alor Gajah, Melaka baru-baru ini adalah akibat komplikasi penyakit kronik yang di hidapinya.

Beliau berkata hasil bedah siasat yang dijalankan menunjukkan tiada unsur jenayah berhubung dengan kematian Dr Mark Shashi Nathan.

"Dr Mark ialah Pegawai Perubatan di Hospital Alor Gajah dari April 2014 dan beliau diketahui menghidap penyakit kronik sejak kecil tetapi penyakit itu terkawal," kata beliau dalam kenyataan, di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata Dr Mark bertugas atas panggilan (on call) pada malam Jun tetapi beliau tidak datang bekerja pada pagi 10 Jun.

"Kakitangan hospital mencarinya selepas panggilan ke telefon bimbitnya tidak berjawab.

"Mereka (kakitangan) memasuki bilik panggilan doktor dan terdengar bunyi air dalam bilik mandi dan kemudian menjumpai Dr Mark rebah di atas lantai," kata beliau.

Dr Subramaniam berkata apabila memeriksa, mereka mendapati Dr Mark telah meninggal dunia dan bagi mematuhi prosedur kematian mengejut, bedah siasat dijalankan. - Bernama

Mayat Nora Teoh diputus kebumi cara Buddha

Anak sulung seorang wanita yang meninggal dunia dan didakwa mualaf (kiri) keluar dari Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah Georgetown, hari ini selepas mendengar keputusan mengenai status agama ibunya. - Foto Sinar Harian oleh MOHD ISKANDAR OTHMAN
Anak sulung seorang wanita yang meninggal dunia dan didakwa mualaf (kiri) keluar dari Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah Georgetown, hari ini selepas mendengar keputusan mengenai status agama ibunya. - Foto Sinar Harian oleh MOHD ISKANDAR OTHMAN

GEORGETOWN - Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah Pulau Pinang memutuskan wanita yang sebelum ini didakwa seorang mualaf, Teoh Cheng Cheng sebenarnya bukan seorang Islam ketika meninggal dunia Sabtu lalu.

Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah, Zaim Md Yadim membuat keputusan itu selepas mendapati wujud keraguan dalam keterangan dua saksi yang dipanggil dari Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Pulau Pinang (MAINPP) selain mendapati wanita berkenaan masih lagi mengamalkan cara hidup ajaran Buddha seperti yang dinyatakan oleh teman rapat si mati dan anak sulungnya.

Dalam penghakimannya, Zaim berkata, terdapat keraguan pada borang pendaftaran dan sijil akuan memeluk Islam yang dikeluarkan oleh Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Pulau Pinang (JHEAIPP) kepada si mati pada November 1997.

"Terdapat keraguan dalam borang tersebut iaitu isu tarikh yang berbeza, ada tiga tarikh.

"Pertama, tarikh di dalam buku daftar ialah 10 November 1997, tarikh di muka surat pertama borang permohonan untuk masuk Islam ialah 6 Disember 1997 dan tarikh akuan pihak si mati menandatangani borang ialah 16 Disember 1997.

"Plaintif tidak dapat memberi alasan yang konkrit mengenai perkara ini. Mahkamah juga mendapati tarikh 10 November 1997 adalah selepas 10 hari si mati melahirkan anak sulungnya.

"Jadi agak pelik si mati yang baru bersalin hadir ke JHEAIPP untuk mendaftar masuk Islam," katanya.

Zaim berkata, mahkamah turut mengambil kira keterangan teman rapat dan anak sulung si mati yang juga saksi ketiga dan keempat dalam kes itu.

Beliau berkata, kenyataan anak sulung si mati yang juga saksi keempat bahawa kali terakhir mereka bersembahyang mengikut ajaran Buddha adalah bulan lalu sebelum kematian Cheng Cheng.

"Saksi keempat juga menyatakan ibunya masih mengamalkan cara hidup Buddha dengan menyembah berhala dari tarikh dia didakwa memeluk Islam sehingga mati.

"Amalan dan kehidupan si mati itu langsung tidak mencerminkan dia sebagai seorang Islam malah ada bukti di ruang tamu dan luar rumah wanita itu terdapat berhala," katanya.

Berdasarkan keterangan serta bukti, beliau berkata, mahkamah memutuskan bahawa wanita terbabit bukan bergama Islam dan mayatnya akan diserahkan kembali kepada ahli keluarga untuk dikebumikan mengikut kepercayaan dan agama dianutinya.

Sebelum ini, MAINPP memohon semakan status wanita berkenaan bawah Seksyen 61 (3) (10) Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam Pulau Pinang iaitu pengisytiharan bahawa seseorang yang sudah mati itu sama ada Islam atau sebaliknya.

Dalam prosiding yang dijalankan semalam, empat saksi dipanggil memberi keterangan iaitu dua saksi MAINPP iaitu wakil pendaftar mualaf dan dua saksi bagi pihak keluarga si mati iaitu teman rapat keluarga serta anak sulung si mati yang berusia 17 tahun.

Keluarga si mati diwakili peguam Wan Faridulhadi Mohd Yusoff manakala MAINPP diwakili Noor Asyimah Ramli.

Sinar Harian