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Blue ticks on WhatsApp: No more excuses of 'message not received'

The new feature received various reactions from the public.

KUALA LUMPUR: WhatsApp introduced a new feature Thursday which tells users not only when their messages have delivered, but also when they’ve been read.

The check marks which appear after you send a message will now have a third stage, which shows your message has been viewed.

According to the application’s Support Team, the new feature was aimed at eliminating confusion among its 600 million users.

Previously the first tick after you’ve sent a message means it has been successfully sent, while a double tick indicates the message has arrived on the receiver’s phone.

Now when the double ticks turns blue, it means the message has been read by the receiver.

This blue double tick is also available for messages sent in a WhatsApp group.

The new feature received various reactions from the public. While some applauded the feature, there are those who criticised the move, saying it will ruin lives and relationships.
Astro Awani
Users now can no longer use the excuse of ‘not receiving a message’ when they simply did not want to reply to it.

So happy with the new update of Whatsapp. Yayy to the blue coloured ticks.
— Hahahaha! Really? (@RichaDKumar) November 6, 2014

Timeline filled with people saying about the blueticks on whatsapp
— ლ 紫玄 (@ClaireeeTan) November 6, 2014

The other new feature in whatsapp.— S'oneeeeee ❥ (@maristelasenora) November 6, 2014

whatsapp is going to cause more heartbreaks— Your Girl ❤️ (@Sunnii10) November 6, 2014

I hate the updated whatsapp Blue or black ticks, I don't care, If I don't like you, I won't reply to you
— rachel (@rachelyappppp) November 6, 2014

B4 phones with locked batteries to constantly track us. Now Whatsapp making sure we reply. Tomo we aren't allowed to put our phones down.
— Kenny Sebastian (@knowkenny) November 6, 2014

Blue double ticks on WhatsApp? I foresee a lot of relationships problems on its way.
— Caleb Sing (@calebsinging) November 6, 2014

Whatsapp have no idea how much they're ruining lives and relationships with this new feature
— Sulaiti (@AbMS19) November 6, 2014

Power betul penangan whatsapp. Everybody is complaining right now. Complaining, hmm, does anybody find any alternative?
— Zulaikha Noor Azam (@zulaikhaazam) November 6, 2014

whatsapp is gonna cause more heartbreaks

Man allegedly attempts suicide over rejected love

The suspect who sustained a neck injury has been remanded for a week to facilitate investigations.

JOHOR BAHARU: A man allegedly attempted to take his own life at a hotel room in the city here on Tuesday, when the love of his life told him she was seeing another man.

In the incident, the 34-year-old man bound and confined the Indonesian woman before attempting to strangle himself with a rope while sprawled on a bed.

Alerted by hotel staff who heard the couple shouting and fighting in the room, a police team picked up the man and rescued the 28-year-old woman.

The suspect who sustained a neck injury has been remanded for a week to facilitate investigations.

Johor Baru South police chief, ACP Sulaiman Salleh said initial police investigations revealed the couple had been seeing each other for three years.

He said the man had asked the woman to meet him in a hotel room to thrash out some issues.

"However, when they met in the room, the woman informed him that she was now in a relationship with another man, triggering a fight between them.

"Hotel security guards who heard the commotion called the police," Sulaiman told a press conference here on Thursday. 

- Source: Bernama

Cristina Suzanne tetap selektif

BIARPUN wajah aktres muda, Cristina Suzanne jarang dilihat di kaca televisyen (TV), namun itu tidak bermakna bintang drama Bicara Hati itu hanya fokus dalam bidang perfileman.

Begitu pun, Pelakon Harapan Wanita Festival Filem Malaysia Ke-26 (FFM26) ini mengakui agak selektif terhadap watak yang ditawarkan kerana mengelak daripada digelar stereotaip.

"Saya ada juga ambil tawaran berlakon drama kerana jika hanya fokus pada filem, agak susah hendak hidup sebenarnya.

"Setiap drama yang saya ambil itu hanya apabila saya rasa saya mampu untuk membawa watak yang diberi.

"Sebenarnya, berlakon drama adalah tempat kita belajar dan mengasah bakat lakonan, selalunya saya akan lihat skrip dahulu sebelum terima sesebuah drama," katanya kepada Zass.

Mengulas lanjut mengenai kejayaannya pada FFM26, teraju utama filem KIL ini memberitahu kemenangannya itu adalah titik permulaan untuk meletakkan namanya sebaris dengan pelakon-pelakon hebat tanah air.

"Saya perlu banyak belajar dan mencuba pelbagai watak lain yang mencabar daripada watak yang saya menang itu," kata bekas peserta Pilih Kasih ini.

Sementara itu, Cristina baru saja tamat penggambaran drama Baby Ana Milik Siapa?, arahan Nizam Zakaria bagi slot Lestary TV3.

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Pagar makan padi: Dijangkiti HIV selepas dirogol bapa kandung

JAKARTA - INDONESIA. Pihak berkuasa Indonesia menahan seorang lelaki selepas dipercayai merogol anak perempuannya yang berusia 10 tahun.

Polis berkata, suspek berusia 52 tahun dari Ambon turut menghidap HIV.

Ketua polis Ambon, William Cornelese Tanasale berkata, suspek boleh dipenjarakan sehingga 15 tahun jika didapati bersalah.

"Berdasarkan siasatan awal, kami percaya mangsa dirogol bapa kandungnya sejak tadika dan ia berlanjutan sehingga sekarang," katanya.

Rahsia lelaki itu terbongkar selepas jiran membawa mangsa berjumpa doktor kerana kesihatannya yang semakin merosot.

Hasil pemeriksaan doktor, kanak-kanak tersebut turut didiagnosis HIV.

Isteri suspek meninggal dunia pada 2011, juga dijangkiti virus maut itu, laporan dipetik dari Jakarta Globe.

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Soalan SPM bocor adalah palsu

Bukan fakta

Satu mesej disebarkan melalui media sosial menyatakan pelajar yang sedang menduduki peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) perlu mengambil semula subjek Matematik kertas 2 kerana berlaku kebocoran soalan di beberapa negeri.

Mesej berkenaan dikatakan daripada pegawai Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Sabah yang berbunyi: "Perhatian kertas peperiksaan SPM Matematik kertas 2 Kod 1449/2 akan diulang pada 5 Disember kerana didapati bocor di negeri Melaka, Selangor dan Sabah.

Sila luangkan masa untuk mengulang kaji subjek tersebut."

Penyebaran mesej tersebut telah mewujudkan kekeliruan bukan sahaja kepada pelajar yang menduduki peperiksaan, malah ibu bapa pelajar yang mengharapkan kes kebocoran kertas peperiksaan di negara ini tidak berulang.


Menteri Pendidikan II, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh menerusi laman rasmi Facebooknya semalam menafikan dakwaan berlaku kebocoran pada kertas Matematik kertas 2 Kod 1449/2.

“Tarikh ulang semula peperiksaanberkenaan adalah tidak benar dan SPM berjalan seperti biasa,” katanya.

Beliau turut berharap orang ramai tidak mudah percaya terhadap sebarang penyebaran mesej palsu.

“Saya mohon agar berhati-hati apabila menerima berita sedemikian dan sebarang maklumat boleh didapati daripada laman web Kementerian Pendidikan iaitu,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Kementerian Pendidikan menerusi satu kenyataansemalam turut menegaskan mesej viral itu tidak benar.

"Sehubungan dengan itu, peperiksaan SPM berjalan seperti yang dijadualkan," menurut kenyataan tersebut.

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Why Manchester United should steer clear of Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique isn't the most popular man in the Barcelona team.

Lining up in the Clasico away to Real Madrid two weeks ago, the centre-back was responsible for the home side's equaliser through Cristiano Ronaldo via the penalty spot. It may have been harsh to criticise; it's one of those situations - where Pique was supposed to place his arm? The detractors will simply say 'don't go to ground like that in the penalty area'. Oh, and Ronaldo's goal ended Claudio Bravo's clean sheet record, which he had held for all La Liga games this season up until El Clasico. Another stick with which to beat the Barcelona defender.

Barcelona didn't make a great splash in the transfer market during the summer with their central defensive signings, but, after bringing in Jeremy Mathieu and Thomas Vermaelen, they're in a much more assured position to contemplate the idea of a future without Pique; some sections of the support would clearly be happy to see him leave.

The Barcelona man's loss of form can be attributed to one thing: the loss of Carles Puyol alongside him. Of course, there may be other factors in play here, but Pique's drop in overall quality coincided with Puyol’s long-term injury worries just prior to his retirement. Without the former Barcelona captain, there is no one to ensure Pique remains switched on throughout a game, to ensure he stays focused and doesn’t get carried away with recklessness.

Physically, and certainly for the modern game, Pique is exactly the kind of player top clubs will want, especially those who look to build from the back and retain possession. Pique is good on the ball and he's quick, but he also has the strength and height to handle himself in an environment like the Premier League.

A return to Manchester United has been mooted. Louis van Gaal needs defensive reinforcements and, as mentioned, Barcelona wouldn't suffer a great deal without him. Mathieu and Javier Mascherano are, for now, Luis Enrique's preferred pair - unless they’re playing Real Madrid.

But with United having lost Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand this summer, what they're desperately in need of at this time is leadership at the back, and Pique isn't the man to provide that.

His CV is glittering: league titles in England and Spain, three Champions League trophies, two Copa del Reys, two European championships, a World Cup, and numerous super cups; he's won the lot. On most occasions, that is exactly the calibre of player United would want to add to their back line.

The physical attributes are all there, but mentally Pique is far too big a gamble. This could be one of those instances whereby a move away from his current club will see him spark back into life. There is an obvious expectation of him at the Camp Nou based on what he produced while Pep Guardiola was in charge. At United, he'd be given the chance of a fresh start. Sure, La Liga isn't that far from English eyes; Barcelona's games are broadcast every week. But there could be a higher tolerance for Pique if he were to return to Old Trafford. At 27, he should be entering his best years as a centre-back.

At this time, there is a degree of uncertainty surrounding Pique and his future as one of Europe's high-profile defenders. It could go either way. Manchester United are not in a position where they can afford to wait on Pique, based on the scenario whereby they buy him and he eventually comes good after some time.

What is United's first-choice centre-back pairing? What is their best combination? There doesn't really seem to be one definitive answer. Pique, on current form, won't change that. His reputation in the game and a possible large transfer fee may warrant a starting spot at Old Trafford, but look at it this way: Pique is currently below a converted left-back and a defensive midfielder in the Barcelona central defensive pecking order.

- Source: Eurosport 

DC Says: Overloaded

3) They are simply incapable of handling a car… and breathe, think, stay awake at the same time. This is an issue of capacity and driving is a sensory and mental overload for them. These are known as the Commodore 64 (C64).

Right, we enter a delicate area here. What do you do if something is beyond your natural capability or capacity? I can only imagine that it is going to be a tough life, more so when the alternative of public transportation is not really an alternative, due to poor routes and inconsistent schedules.

Yes, sad but true. There are some (or many) drivers out there who really have no business getting behind the wheel. This is due to one simple reason. They are inept. Call it DNA issue or whatever, they just can’t drive… and function in a proper manner.

It is just beyond their capabilities. It’s not even an issue of multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is when you eat a pizza, text and drive at the same time. This is not something I recommend you do, by the way.

I mean, these folks can only do whatever they do and function in a “normal” way… but when you add driving to the equation… it is one too many task, and something shuts down, usually the outcome is crap driving.

They are like zombies, have a glazed look in their eyes and seem like on some kind of hallucinogenic drug. They are generally slow and seem erratic and confused when behind the wheel.

I feel for them… to the point where I want to feel my open palm on their cheek. Okay, that’s a bit mean. Their real solution lies in an alternative form of transportation where they are not required to drive, period. But as we know, our public transport system leaves much to be desired.

I fear, the folks in this category have little to look forward to. It is unlikely they will improve, and even if they do, it will be small, minute, marginal movements. 

The C64 group is just overloaded with this thing called “driving”. And, it is not their fault really. So I guess we just have to bear with them and hope they at least have the brains to drive in the far left lane… which is unlikely, because they can barely focus on driving… and usually in the far right lane.

- Sumber: Astro Publication

Ministry dismisses rumour of SPM Mathematics paper leak

A filepic of SPM candidates preparing to sit for a question paper on the first day of the exam on Monday, Nov 3, 2014.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Education Ministry has dismissed a rumour circulating on the social media that the Mathematics Paper 2 for the ongoing Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination has leaked.

In a statement Thursday, it said the rumour circulating on Facebook also claimed that students would resit the paper on Dec 5. SPM students sat for the Mathematics Paper 2 on Wednesday.

"The Education Ministry hereby confirms that there is no truth to the claim of a leak in the paper (Mathematics Paper 2) in Malacca, Selangor and Sabah," the statement said.

A total of 455,839 candidates are sitting for the SPM 2014 examination at 3,655 centres throughout the country from Nov 3 to Dec 4. 

- Sumber: Bernama

Legends and Legacies: Volkswagen Type 2

(image source:

I know this van as the hippie van because the Type 2 will always make an appearance in movies about the hippie culture. Example? Forest Gump. VW still builds this Type 2 to this day in the form of the VW Transporter but the van bares very little resemblance to that iconic hippie van look, so you might have missed it on the road if you’re wondering.

VW had intended this van as a utility van when they first created it. There was a boom in new businesses after WW II bringing a huge demand for commercial vehicles and the Type 2 was to serve that demand. But it wasn’t long before VW realised that there was a demand to fit the van with back seats, and behold the Camper is born.

(image source:

Built around a modified platform of the Type 1, known to us as the Beetle, the Type 2 has an acceleration of a snail and is neither very comfortable nor economical but it did not stop this van from being the best selling of its class back then. A fun fact about the Type 2 is that the commercial van is more aerodynamically designed than its chassis donor despite its bread loaf shape.

The first version of the Type 2 was known as “Splitties” thanks to the split-window windscreen. These Splitties had various styles of interior layout and luxury to a degree. Power comes from a special low-powered air-cooled rear engine that many historians argue is the unique selling point of the van.

Regardless, this van was immediately taken in by the counter culture as the must-have fashion accessories for living out the hippie dream. Hence the definite appearance in hippie culture movies. The Camper was perfect for living in back in the hippie era thanks to the long loaf shape design. Other than the counter culture, the world’s attraction to the Type 2 is thanks to the easy drivability with excellent all around visibility and easy steering as well.

(image source:

The Type 2 has acquired so many nicknames that it is tough to list them all, to name a few would be “kombi”, “westie”. “splittie” and “hippie van/bus”. It is also commonly referred to as “microbus”.

VW's Type 2 “Splittie” took over the world with its unique design and easy drivability for close to two decades. The van is the first ever MPV the world has ever known. It was seen as a fashion icon back in its days, it still is till this day, don’t you think?

- Source: Astro Publication 

Tanah di Cameron Highlands tidak lagi sesuai untuk aktiviti pertanian

Banjir lumpur dan tanah runtuh yang berlaku di Lembah Bertam, hanya satu permulaan kecil kepada bencana yang lebih besar - Gambar Shahir Omar

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: Hakikat tanah di Cameron Highlands tidak lagi sesuai untuk aktiviti pertanian, dinafikan pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab yang terus meneroka tanah secara haram untuk keuntungan dan merisikokan penduduk sekitar dengan ancaman banjir lumpur dan tanah runtuh.

Presiden Persatuan Kesedaran Alam Sekitar Cameron Highlands (REACH) Ramakrishnan Ramasamy memberi amaran tidak mustahil korban nyawa akibat banjir dan tanah runtuh akan meningkat gara-gara sikap pihak berkuasa yang menutup mata dan memekakkan telinga dengan penerokaan haram ini.

Banjir lumpur dan tanah runtuh yang berlaku di Lembah Bertam, hanya satu permulaan kecil kepada bencana yang lebih besar.

"Tanah di Cameron Highlands tiada lagi yang sesuai untuk pertanian. Tanah yang sesuai untuk pertanian di bawah garis panduan Kementerian Pertanian adalah tanah di bawah 25 darjah (kecerunan), lebih tinggi dari itu memang tidak sesuai.

Ini kerana tanah di Cameron Highlands ini tidak cukup batu untuk kurangkan hakisan, pada masa ini paras hakisan adalah 200 tan sehektar setahun kalau berterusan TNB korek empangan pun tidak akan selesai," kata Ramakrishnan kepada Astro AWANI.

Aktiviti penerokaan berterusan khususnya di tanah rizab sungai menyumbang peningkatan sampah ke Empangan Sultan Abu Bakar.

Tinjauan Astro AWANI mendapati di Terowong Robinson, hampir kesemua tanah rizab di tepi tebing sungai, diteroka dengan aktiviti pertanian.

Di bawah garis panduan tertentu mengambil contoh kelebaran sungai 10 meter, kawasan 10 meter tebing kiri dan kanan adalah diwarta tanah rizab sungai, dan sebarang aktiviti tidak dibenarkan dilakukan di kawasan tersebut.

Namun malangnya hampir kesemua tanah rizab hanya tinggal sekangkang kera, kerana ketamakan pihak yang mencari keuntungan semata-mata tanpa memikirkan kesannya kepada alam sekitar.

Menurut Ramakrishnan, ada sesuatu yang tidak kena apabila tiada penguatkuasaan dilaksana terhadap penerokaan tanah haram yang berterusan ini .

"Penerokaan berterusan, tiada penguatkuasaan, wakil rakyat datang dan maklumkan akan ambil tindakan tetapi sehingga kini tiada apa yang berlaku.

Di Lembah Bertam kawasan khas untuk rizab sungai ada banyak penerokaan, di mana tindakan? Di mana penguatkuasaan?" ujar beliau.

Kebimbangan Ramakrishnan adalah apabila kealpaan pihak berkuasa ini akan menyumbang risiko lebih besar.

Beliau menegaskan banyak kampung terdedah kepada risiko empangan pecah akibat tidak dapat menampung kapasiti air dan sampah, yang akan mengorbankan nyawa yang lebih tinggi.

Dan apabila ia berlaku, apa jua tindakan disifatkan sudah terlambat. 

- Sumber:Astro Awani