Monday, 29 December 2014

Bungee-jumping Santas, robot Santas, half-naked Santas - pictures of Christmas around the world

It's not just carols and Christmas presents during this time of year - people around the world have found some very interesting ways of celebrating the season. 

From Santas pulling off daredevil stunts to the very daring act of braving winter temperatures in next-to-nothing, here are pictures of Christmas celebrations from around the world:


This picture taken on December 18, 2014 shows a man dressed up as Santa Claus bungee jumping at a theme park in Changsha, central China's Hunan province. PHOTO: AFP

A winter swimmer, wearing a Santa Claus hat to celebrate the upcoming Christmas, plays on a frozen lake at a park in Shenyang, Liaoning province, December 22, 2014. PHOTO: Reuters

Women wearing bikinis and Santa Claus hats participate in a promotional event to celebrate the upcoming Christmas at a ski resort in Xuchang, Henan province, December 23, 2014. PHOTO: Reuters

A man dressed up as Santa Claus hangs from a cableway as he delivers Christmas gifts to visitors in a gondola at a scenic area in Yueyang, central China's Hunan province. PHOTO: AFP


A street sweeper dressed as a robot Santa Claus cleans a street in Manila on Decemeber 18, 2014. The Philippines is the largest Christian country in Asia and has one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world, lasting from Dec 16 to Jan 6. PHOTO: AFP


A Palestinian man dressed up as Santa Claus distributes Christmas trees along the wall of Jerusalem's Old City, on December 22, 2014. PHOTO: AFP


Swimmers dressed as Santa Claus pose for photographers with a Monaco flag during the traditional Christmas season swim in Monaco December 21, 2014. A hundred swimmers took part in the yearly event in the Mediterranean Sea waters which measured 16 degrees Celsius. PHOTO: Reuters


Guatemalan firefighter Hector Chacon, wearing a Santa Claus outfit, rappels down the Belize bridge to give toys to children living under the bridge, in Guatemala City, December 21, 2014. ​PHOTO: Reuters


Motorcyclists dressed in Santa Claus and reindeer outfits ride down the streets in downtown Tokyo during a Christmas "toy run" by the Harley Santa Club on December 23, 2014.


A huge inflatable Father Christmas figure is seen on a balcony of a brothel in the red-light district of Frankfurt, December 20, 2014. PHOTO: Reuters


A man dressed in a Santa Claus outfit waves at the crowd as he rides with balloons on a horse cart during Christmas celebrations in Mumbai December 23, 2014. PHOTO: Reuters


Young women dressed in Santa Claus outfit jump as they pose within the traditional Christmas bath on December 21, 2014 on the beach in downtown Nice. PHOTO: AFP


Participants hold up sky lanterns to be released during the Kapulica & Lanterns event in Zagreb December 22, 2014. About 3,000 participants attended the event, organised by contemporary artist Kresimir Tadija Kapulica as part of the ArtOmat Fair ahead of Christmas, which involved people releasing about a thousand lanterns to symbolize sending their wishes to the universe. PHOTO: Reuters 

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