Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jennifer Lawrence is World's Sexiest Woman

Jennifer Lawrence has been named the Sexiest Woman in the World. Men’s magazine FHM comprises the annual list and just released this year’s honors. In the publication, Lawrence and her new title are referred to as being, “so freaking cool.”

Last year’s winner was mom-to-be and fiancee of Ashton Kutcher–Mila Kunis. This year found Kunis in the sixth spot on the list. Following Jennifer Lawrence in second place is British actress Michelle Keegan. Rihanna is in the third place spot. Model Emily Ratajkowski and The Big Bang Theory’s own Kaley Cuoco fill up the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

While there are certainly some other noteworthy names on the list–The Voice’s Shakira came in at number 87, Taylor Swift is 27th, Katy Perry in 12th, Miley Cyrus in 79th, and Selena Gomez in 56th place–that coveted title of sexiest belongs to the Academy Award winner.


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