Friday, 2 August 2013

Don't overly react against 'The New Village'

MCA: Don't overly react against 'The New Village'

KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) stated that the implementation of second review on the ‘The New Village’ film will just tarnish the credibility of the Film Censorship Board (LPF) and hinder the development of local film industry.

MCA Publicity Bureau chairman, Datuk Heng Seai Kie said since The New Village was given the approval by the Film Censorship Board in September last year, it should thus be allowed to be released as planned on this coming August 22.

“It is not right, nor is it professional for the authorities to order a second review simply because of a few bloggers’ and extremists’ subjective comments,” said Heng in press statement e-mail to Astro Awani.

She added, the film had already been screened through and approved by both the Film Censorship Board and the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and was given the P13 certification on 11 September.

“As such, to simply change decision and instruct to hold the release of the film for a second review is truly uncalled for. Not only is it unfair to the film’s producer, but it will also undermine the professionalism and credibility of the Film Censorship Board and FINAS, as well as scare off foreign investors and hinder the development of the local film industry,” she said.

The film is about a forbidden love story set in 1949, therefore the background of the story must be set during that era which will inevitably touch about the existence of the Malayan Communist Party at that time.

“This fact cannot simply be denied as it is part of our national history, so it is unfair and illogical to accuse the film of glorifying communism. For a simple example, we cannot accuse a producer of glorifying a murderer simply because they produced a murder film,” said Heng.

Furthermore, the LPF chairman, Datuk Raja Azahar has openly confirmed that the contents of the film have already been carefully examined and screened according to the procedure and guidelines of the Board.

Therefore the approval and P13 certification was issued after the Board was satisfied that everything is in compliance.

In fact, the accusation towards the movie that it is pro-communism was made by people who have judged the movie based on the two-minutes trailer, without bothering to find out about the whole and actual storyline.

The credibility of these irresponsible people behind such accusation should be questioned, and not taken seriously.

“I urge the public to act fairly and be open minded towards The New Village. Anyhow, we should understand that it is just a movie, it is just a local product of creative art set in the historical background of Malaysia in 1949. So it is not fair and just for us to simply criticize and victimize our local films for our own personal agendas based on the irresponsible and narrow viewpoints of a few racists,” she said.

She also urges the Home Ministry to address this issue in a professional and impartial manner and do not easily influenced by a few individuals’ subjective comments.

“LPF should be confident enough and firm in their decision, otherwise it will tarnish their credibility and authority. What is more worrying is that it may even set a precedent and set a bad example which will then hinder the future of Malaysia’s local film industry which is yet to excel,” she said.

- Astro Awani

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