Monday, 2 February 2015

Lights, camera, action!

Got tired of reading? Here’s something that doesn’t require all of your noggin

Waitaminute, what is DC doing in front of the camera? Wasn’t he supposed to always be behind the camera? Or better yet, behind the desk under a mountain of contracts and paperwork to dissect? Apparently not.

This time, DC gets behind the wheel in a brand new series of webisode, which is aptly named Behind The Wheel. What is it all about? Simple answer – it’s all about cars.

So, here’s the not so simple answer. Behind The Wheel is really not just about cars but the lifestyle these four-wheeled machinations of freedom can bring to the people who owns them; who drives them.

It is a video series that does away with the run-of-mill reviews and shootout that other videos seem to so frequently fall back on. The only shootout Behind The Wheel do is to see which car-driver-navigator can find the most food trucks in the Klang Valley. Saying that is already giving away too much.

Want another reason to keep your eyeballs on Behind The Wheel? Babes. Specifically, three gorgeous ladies that somehow agreed to sign up for this crazy gig.

Episode One airs next week so stay tuned.

- Source: Astro Publication 

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