Saturday, 18 October 2014

Waterspouts sighted at Sarawak's northern coast

A photo of the tornadic waterspouts that was visible to Bintulu and Miri residents in Sarawak on Saturday morning. - Twitter/@AnasZahin

MIRI: Several waterspouts were sighted at the northern coast of Sarawak, visible to residents in Bintulu and Miri on Saturday.

While the occurrence caused anxiety among some people, others were busy trying to get the best camera shots of the phenomenon which was later shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The waterspouts were clearest in Bintulu while in Miri, it could only be sighted in the Niah area between 8.30am and 10am.

Francis Ngu, 39, who has been living in Bintulu for more than 20 years said during the incident, the sky was dark and many people rushed to Kidurong to get the best view of the spectacle.

"The waterspouts lasted only about 20 minutes but I must admit I was worried whether it might endanger residents here," he told Bernama.

Mohd Zaidi Amri, 40, who was on his way back to Miri from Sibu caught the phenomenon and described it as a frightening experience.

"I have always seen the occurrence on television and did not expect it would take place here," said the father-of-three.

A Meteorological Department spokesman in Kuching said waterspouts usually occurred in coastal areas and did not pose danger.

- Source: Bernama

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