Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Jaclyn Victor is married!

The private affair was attended by a small group comprising 35 members when the church wedding takes place in Philadelphia - Facebook Photo

KUALA LUMPUR: Homegrown singer, Jacclyn Victor announced that she has married Puerto Rican singer, Shawn Rivera in a closed-door ceremony in Philadelphia, United States on July 19.

The Malaysian singer-songwriter and actress introduced Rivera at a press conference Thursday evening after an event held at Istana Budaya on Tuesday, The Rakyat Post reported.

Many might remember Rivera, 43 who is a Grammy-nominated vocalist, songwriter and producer of popular R&B vocal group, Az Yet.

Jaclyn, who is also known as Jac, 36 said the private affair was attended by only 35 family members and close friends only.

She added that she preferred to keep her personal matters below the radar and that the wedding was a secret affair as requested by her mother, Bahasa Malaysia daily tabloid Kosmo! reported.

“We met here in Malaysia (in January) when Shawn was down to record Magical Moments, a soundtrack from the filmRibbit,” quoted The Rakyat Post.

The singer with the big voice and vocal range adds that it was “love at first sight” and they were maintaining a long-distance relationship since January.

Jaclyn recently announced her venture into Hollywood with the launch of her latest single Remedy, composed and written by KRU’s Edry and Yusry Abdul Halim.

The song has been released on 80 digital platforms while her five track EP will be available in September. - Astro Awani 

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