Sunday, 9 March 2014

Family members of MH370 passengers still await news

SEPANG: The early morning situation at the Anjung Tinjau of KLIA which was cordoned off as a holding area for the families of the passengers on flight MH370 yesterday is now accessible by the public.

The family members who arrived yesterday and were told to come with their passports are believed to have been brought by Malaysia Airlines to a hotel in Putrajaya.

Initially, some of the family members who spoke to Astro AWANI yeterday, said they were anticipating to be brought somewhere but were unclear of the plans.

It is now believed that they will be brought back to KLIA today to await further information about their loved ones.

In the first press conference of the day this morning, Datuk Azharudin Abdul Rahman, DG of the Department of Civil Aviation, said that there was nothing to report as the search and rescue operations through the night uncovered nothing.

MH370, a code share flight with China Southern Airlines, left KLIA for Beijing at 12:41am yesterday morning.

All communication with the plane was lost at 2:40am and no distress signal or call was received.

The flight had registered 239 passengers, 38 of them Malaysian. It was scheduled to arrive at Beijing International Airport at 6:30am local time.

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