Saturday, 29 April 2017

Match made in heaven

Hemera diamonds are exclusive to Poh Kong. — Sunpix by Zulfadhli Zaki

THEY say weddings are affairs of the couple who are the stars of the day, but we must not forget that weddings also bring together two families – and with that, not only does the couple need to adorn themselves with jewellery, but family members as well. 

With 40 years of experience in Malaysia, Poh Kong is the largest jewellery retail chain store, making it the top of mind brand when thinking of jewellery. Its years of experience also contributes to its understanding of customer demand, while making it a trustable and stable brand. 

"We have various wedding-related products under one roof from engagement rings, wedding bands to bridal jewellery as well as items for your parents, siblings and friends," said Poh Kong Holdings Berhad marketing manager Elizabeth Choon. 

"We cater to a wide range of budgets from affordable to high-end. We also have our own house brands which means we can control everything from material, design, quality to friendly pricing. We also offer exclusive designs that are specifically suited to Malaysians," she added. 

When it comes to choosing their desired wedding rings, most people base it on their personality and style. Some look for simple, classic designs while some look for sophisticated designs that are bolder. Some may find rose gold special, while others may think a mix of yellow and white gold is interesting. 

Poh Kong produces designs for all races and cultures by introducing different collections. For example, the Happy Love collection combines traditional and modern styles with oriental design. Another collection named Anggun is specially catered to Malay weddings which require the hantaran. It features local flowers such as hibiscus, jasmine, orchid and allamanda. 

"We continuously launch new designs, at least once a year. Sometimes, we come up with interesting pieces such a heart-shaped hair pin adorned with the dragon and phoenix motif. Charms have also become popular so we launched a bracelet with charms," Choon said. 

But the crème de la crème is the brand's Hemera engagement rings. Hemera translates to "goddess of daylight" in Greek and just as its name, it is the most brilliant diamond in the world. 

"We have been researching the market and think there are no outstanding diamonds. Everyone has been generically branding their diamonds; there is no real differentiation. We see the market gap for a breakthrough diamond and after two years of research with Belgium cutters, they found they can cut a 101-cut diamond which we branded as Hemera," Choon said. 

"It doesn't mean if you have 102 cuts you are superior. You have to bring out the diamond's performance, and when we tested generic diamonds to Hemera diamonds, the former produces medium sparkle while Hemera has almost the highest sparkle.

"We hope when someone wants to get a proposal ring they will think of Hemera, which is exclusive to Poh Kong."

Jewellery care:

» Jewellery is damaged when in touch with mercury, and mercury is easily found in perfumes. It is advisable to put on your perfume first and your jewellery last. 

» Store each piece separately because a diamond ring might scratch another piece of jewellery. Also, pearls cannot be stored under harsh conditions as they are something organic. 

» Do not wear jewellery while doing intensive sports or housework. You may think gold is a tough material but when it is made into jewellery, it is quite fragile. 

» If you care to bring it back to its original shine, it is advisable to bring it back to the shop to be cleaned and polished.

- Source: The Sun | April 2017

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