Sunday, 11 January 2015

"House auctioned? I don't know anything about it" - actress Umie Aida's husband

KHAIRUDDIN: "I will fight till the end. For the sake of the people, I vow to fight corruption despite the misappropriations that occur in the country. - File Photo

KUALA LUMPUR: Batu Kawan Umno division deputy chief Datuk Paduka Khairuddin Abu Hassan denied allegations that his Mont Kiara home has been auctioned at a staggering RM2.1mil in an auction, Saturday.

Khairuddin said he has no inclination or given any notice about the auction which was reportedly held at a hotel, here.

“I don’t even know about it (the auction) as I wasn't given any notice about the auction. I was told that the auction was held yesterday and only learnt about it from the social media.”

“I will discuss this matter with my lawyer on Monday,” said Khairuddin when he contacted Astro AWANI, today.

A Malay daily reported, a woman who hails from Damansara and prefers anonymity, was reportedly saying that she had purchased actress Umie Aida’s resident after no interested party took the bid while the auction took place.

The "woman" was reportedly saying that the owner of the house only learnt about the auction through a proclamation of sale and had expressed interest to purchase it as the property was set too high.

Khairuddin sparked controversies after he lodged a police report against 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)and the risks the debt-ridden government-owned company is facing.

Subsequent to this episode, the UMNO Youth division has demanded for UMNO Disciplinary Committee to probe into Khairuddin’s status and role.

Khairuddin also said that although pressured, he would continue his struggle concerning 1MDB transparency and administration.

“I will fight till the end. For the sake of the people, I vow to fight corruption despite all aspects of misappropriation that occur in the country. This is my small struggle. I’m a fighter and if pressured, I will appear stronger.

I was born in family made up of strong-rooted UMNO fighters,” he explained. 

- Source: Astro Awani 

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