Wednesday, 30 July 2014

'Mother, father, please forgive me ...' Diya

Diya only has one wish: her parents' forgiveness in order for her to move on with her life.

KUALA LUMPUR: Mother, father, please forgive me,” pleaded Diya, an underaged teenager who is currently a resident of the Taman Seri Puteri Shelter in Cheras.

Just as Muslims in the country are joyously celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with their loved ones, Diya could do nothing but only stare into space -- pondering on what the future holds for her. And her unborn child.

At 16, Diya is nine months pregnant by her boyfriend, who is coincidentally her neighbour.

Diya's heartwrenching tale started after her parents found out about her pregnancy. She was then dispatched to the shelter and since then her parents never visited her.

Diya said, her mother had often warned her of the intimacy with her 18-year-old boyfriend but she never heeded her mother’s advise.

“He had taken me to a house close to his friend’s hostel. In the beginning, I had refused his advances but later gave in,” she said.

Upon learning of her pregnancy, the young couple tried to get an abortion but the effort turned futile.

“He suggested that I should opt for an abortion. I didn’t know what to do but I tried drinking Coke, swallowed Panadol pills and even ate pineapple hoping it would affect the pregnancy and lead to
miscarriage,” she added.

Finally, Diya plucked the courage to inform her parents but just like any conventional parents would react, she got scolding from them, asking her to ensure that her boyfriend would take full responsibility of his wrongdoing.

“After my mother asked me about my period, she then told my father who understandably asked me who the father of the unborn baby. My father met with my boyfriend and asked him to take responsibility of the child.

“My boyfriend deliberately ignored my father. He took matters into his own hand and lodged a police report. My boyfriend was detained by the police for nine days. His family then met my father, asking him to withdraw the police report to solve the matter amicably. After much persuasion, my father relented and eventually withdrew the report,” said Diya.

But, this is not the first time the teenager had engaged in sexual activities.

Since his release, Diya’s boyfriend, who is a drug addict has disappeared, leaving her to struggle with the misery all by herself.

Diya, however realises that she is made of sterner stuff and is adamant in continuing with her life and can only hope for it to improve.

When asked what her future plan for the baby, Diya said that she plans to give her baby up for adoption and live with her elder sister.

“I’m really sad. I really regret over the things that I had done. My parents disowned me and had never tried to reach me. Only my sister came to visit me.

“I’m also sad that I would have to give up my baby for adoption but I want to continue with my studies for a brighter future," said Diya who was previously studying at a MRSM.

For now, Diya has only one wish: for her parents' forgiveness ...

“Mother, I would like to apologise for what I have done. I really hope she will forgive me. Every day I pray that one day my parents would forgive me and accept me back,” she said while holding back her tears.

Diya also made a promise to herself that she will now be careful in making friend and will not repeat the same mistake again.

Diya is among 28 inmates at the Taman Seri Puteri Shelter in Cheras which provides protection for unwed pregnant underage mothers under Section 55 of the Child Act 2001.

The institution is aimed at giving hope for teenage girls who got themselves pregnant at a very young age, provide protection and rehabilitation for them so they can live among society and care for their child.

The girls will also undergo counselling and given religious education and guidance.

Most of the inmates at the shelter engaged in sexual activities out of wedlock or were raped by family members or others. - Astro Awani 

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