Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My Sister is Hotter than me!

For girls, it’s common to often be compared to your younger and older sister. Your sister will always be the smarter, better looking and more successful favourite child.
Sibling rivalry in the family is a common thing, which we’ve eventually learn to deal with by focusing on our lives outside the family circle (jobs, relationships, etc). But how do you deal with sibling rivalry when you have the whole world judging who is the better sister?
Here’s a look at some celebrity siblings with slightly luckier or hotter sisters.
Kate and Pippa Middleton
It’s crystal clear who made it big in this family. Although most claim that Pippa managed to outshine Kate on her wedding day with her infamous derriere, the fact that Kate’s life has been beyond amazing beats that hands down. While Pippa has been a constant mockery in British tabloids, Kate never suffers from an ugly day, even as she anxiously anticipates the birth of her Royal Baby.
Nora and Nadia Danish
This is a funny case however. Nora may be Malaysia’s sweetheart but it’s really Nadia (on the right) with the stunning features. Bearing a striking resemblance to local songstress Maya Karin, it’s mind boggling how Nadia isn’t the well-known model!
Maya Karin and Irina Roelcke
Now this is a tough one. The Roelcke sisters are equally stunning, thanks to their German roots. While Maya has made it big in the Malaysian entertainment industry, Irina keeps a low profile in the legal field. Well I guess it’s true what most people say, girls with legal backgrounds are the hottest!
Michelle and Nicole Branch
Thanks to the Branch family’s Indonesian links, Michelle and Nicole (on the left) look like everyone’s dream come true. It’s difficult to choose who’s better looking as they could easily pass off as twins at times. The main difference would be Michelle has a more homely vibe while Nicole is sultry. 
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