Wednesday, 5 June 2013

RM19,200 to kiss a model

Gan Lulu (干露露) with mother
Chinese model Gan Lulu (right)

A 25-year-old entrepreneur in Singapore spent RM19,200 to kiss Chinese nude model Gan Lulu for five seconds, reported major local dailies.

The man was among 500 people who turned up at a club in the republic to have an up-close and personal meeting with the 27-year-old busty model last Saturday.

He bought 50 bottles of liquor at the club that night just for a chance to pucker up with Gan.

“I was very excited at first but then I got a little shy and dared not look her in the eye,” he told the New Paper.

Another 21-year-old student spent RM4,800 to play a game with the model.

Gan, who is known for her revealing outfits, shot to fame in 2011 when her mother Lei Bingxia, 50, filmed her taking a shower and uploaded the clip online.

Source: The Star

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