Friday, 17 May 2013

Report says faster iPad Mini coming this year

If you are still looking to get a mini tablet for yourself, it maybe a good time to hop in when the new, improved version of the iPad Mini is launched soon.

FASTER and BETTER: According to a report, the next iPad Mini will have a better screen, camera, processor and battery life. - ©AFP

Get prepared to be excited.

Yet more leaked details point to an iPad Mini with improved screen and camera coming later this year.

According to Mobileak's sources, the next iPad Mini will get an upgraded HD screen boasting 324ppi and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera.

It will also feature a reduced bezel so that the display will seem to run right to the left and right edges of the device (like on the latest iPhone) while, thanks to a bigger battery, the tablet is expected to increase in thickness to 7.5mm.

The bigger battery is needed because as well as a juice-sapping screen, the next generation of the iPad Mini will have a faster dual-core processor.

Although new reports citing sources and leaks relating to Apple products appear almost daily, Mobileak's sources seem to corroborate a recent report from NPD Display Search.

The research and analytics firm, which monitors supply chain activity claimed earlier this month that the next-generation iPad Mini was scheduled for launch in time for the holiday season and would be getting a Retina Display quality screen upgrade.

However, where the reports differ is on the subject of processors. NPD believes that the processor will not be upgraded in 2013 but it is predicting that a more powerful version of the small tablet would instead be launching in early 2014. - ©AFP/Relaxnews 2013

Source: The Star TechCentral

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