Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Gang-rape victim's family want killers executed

Some people reading this news and say "That concerns me not, she's not my sister or my daughter". How cruel and inhuman to think that way.

Gangraped victim's family want killers hanged
Policemen block a road leading to the India Gate Monument on Dec 31, 2012. Photo: AFP


NEW DELHI: The family of an Indian gang-rape victim said they would not rest until her killers are hanged as they spoke of their own pain and trauma over a crime that has united the country in grief.

As the ruling Congress party reportedly pushed for tougher punishments for sex crimes, including chemical castration, authorities in New Delhi launched a hotline to improve safety for women in a city dubbed "India's rape capital".

And while the country returned to work after a weekend marked by candlelit vigils and street protests following the 23-year-old's death, few people were in the mood to celebrate New Year. Even the army ordered a halt to its festivities.

The woman, whom friends say was planning to marry in February, died of her injuries on Saturday in a Singapore hospital, nearly two weeks after being savagely attacked by a group of men on a bus in New Delhi. She was cremated on Sunday.

In an interview published on Monday, her brother said that although the unidentified medical student could now rest in peace, the family would not relent in their fight for justice.

"The fight has just begun. We want all the accused hanged and we will fight for that, till the end," he told The Indian Express.

Six men are facing murder charges after allegedly luring the woman onto a bus in New Delhi on December 16, and then taking it in turns to rape her and assault her with an iron bar before throwing her out of the moving vehicle.

The man whom she was hoping to marry was also left with serious injuries after he too was attacked and dumped on the roadside. His father told the same newspaper that his son would be "in pain throughout his life".

The 28-year-old attended the cremation on Sunday and has taken part in an identification parade for suspects at New Delhi's Tihar jail, relatives said.

Source: AFP

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